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Your baby’s birth will shape your life profoundly. It’s the story you will tell your child and a memory you’ll relive over and over. But misinformation, overwhelm or a fear of childbirth can inhibit the birthing process and turn a normal, healthy labor into a medical event.

You can give birth feeling completely relaxed and at ease, while informed and in control of every decision made in the delivery room.

A safe, comfortable, positive birth is within your reach.

Come to our upcoming open house to meet Cynthia Overgard in person and learn more.

“It is the right – in fact, the responsibility – of every woman to pursue her own baby’s birth with the information, honor and freedom to which she is entitled.”   – Cynthia Overgard, Pathways Magazine

Come to the Open House…a free information session

RSVP to our upcoming open house at Info@HypnoBirthingCT.com and discover how women are learning to break free from fearful thoughts and shift to an empowered mindset and informed birth.