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Your baby’s birth will transform you.  It is a story you will share with your child one day, and a memory you’ll relive in your mind thousands of times.  However, being pregnant can feel overwhelming in the face of conflicting information, medical advice, and provider options. Do you long to understand your choices? Do you wonder if an obstetrician or midwife is better for you? Have you dreamed of actually having a happy childbirth experience? Is your obstetrician or midwife in charge of what’s happening during your birth, or are you? The truth is, a safe, joyful, informed birth is well within your reach. When you become both informed and empowered, the birth becomes the easier part.

Our HypnoBirthing® childbirth classes in CT will show you how giving birth can be within your control. You will learn when medical intervention serves you versus when it doesn’t. You’ll discover far more options than you probably ever knew existed, and will discover that you have more influence over your birth outcome than you ever dared to imagine.  You will be personally taught by internationally-renowned HypnoBirthing expert Cynthia Overgard, internationally-published writer/author and the founder of Connecticut’s HypnoBirthing center - the only prenatal education center in the state.

In today’s culture, women are known to feel anxiety and fear during labor. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Fear has a profound physiological effect on childbirth, which can transform a safe, normal birth into an unnecessarily uncomfortable  and/or medical event. Every woman deserves to know her rights and the options available to her at each stage of her pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.  You have the right to experience childbirth without fear. You can become inspired and informed to the point where you will actually look forward to giving birth to your baby, and can enjoy your baby’s birth with a deep sense of gratitude and contentment, even if special circumstances should arise.

We are a prenatal and postpartum childbirth resource center, located in a beautiful, light-filled 1,100 sf studio in the heart of Westport, Connecticut. Our complete HypnoBirthing® childbirth course, Birth Doulas, Early Baby Care Classes and Prenatal Breastfeeding Classes have prepared hundreds of Connecticut and Westchester couples for deeply satisfying, natural births and a smooth transition into parenthood. Whether you plan to give birth in a hospital, birth center or at home, you will be shown how to give birth the way you choose.

“It is the right – in fact, the responsibility – of every woman to pursue her own baby’s birth with the information, honor and freedom to which she is entitled.”   - Cynthia Overgard, Pathways Magazine

Come to the Open House…a free information session

RSVP to our upcoming open house and join other couples during an informative one-hour talk. Learn the benefits and format of the HypnoBirthing method, gain tips for avoiding unwanted medical intervention, and discover Cynthia Overgard’s 3 key things that will determine the outcome of your birth. To RSVP send an e-mail to Info@HypnoBirthingCT.com or call 203.952.7299.


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