HypnoBirthing in Bridgeport, Yale-New Haven, New Milford and Hartford Hospital

Hi Cynthia!  I have been excited to reach out to you!  Our birth went incredibly well…. I labored for under six hours, pushed for 45 mins, so overall relatively quick 🙂  Our doula was phenomenal. With her help, we were able to have exactly the birth we wanted – that is, with midwives in a hospital setting, all natural, with both my husband and my mom by my side. I really couldn’t have done it without your class and the network of support you helped me to build.  – Alarice Lacanlale, Greenwich CT (Birthed at Yale New Haven Hospital)

caitlinHi Cynthia! I’ve been meaning to write to you to share Leo’s birthday story! Thursday night, 10/16, around 6:30 pm I was cooking dinner for our son Luca. My husband Scott was working nights. I started to feel some surges, but they weren’t very intense at all. I let my husband know that I kind of felt like something was going on. I laid down for a little while and they still kept coming and they were getting closer together. I called my midwife and told her that there was an established pattern but that I was still walking and talking through them. I honestly felt fine, and was even doubtful that I was in labor at all. I sat on the yoga ball and listened to the birth affirmations. They kept me at ease. By 11:00 Scott was home and we knew we would be leaving for the hospital because they were 2-3 minutes apart. Laura, my midwife at Women’s Health Associates, told me to go to the hospital. They only grew closer together while I labored at home; they were never actually intense. We arrived at around midnight. I was strolling along and smiling, giggling, and happy to see my midwife. And when one of my closest friends came in, I felt so at ease. And safe. I was flooded with good energy. My midwife checked me and I was 6cm and 100%. I was excited that my body knew what it was doing. I wanted to be on the ball. We joked and laughed between surges. I walked the hallways. It was nice to not have anything attached to me at all. No IV, nothing. Baby was periodically monitored but nothing was “permanently” affixed to me. By 2 am I was still feeling great. They still hadn’t become more intense. I was 8 cm. At this point, I was envisioning holding him. I felt as if I were in the home stretch. I was using the breathing techniques and they were serving me well. I kept envisioning a nautilus shell whenever I closed my eyes. That, and the galaxy, for some reason. It just came to me. I never labored on my back. I labored on my side, on all fours, and I even wanted to squat. Within the hour, he was ready to make his entrance. No one suggested to pull my legs back and do the traditional chin to chest and “3 pushes per contraction.” Instead, my midwife said not to fight the urge and to push whenever and however I wanted to. I breathed through each one and it felt good to be vocal as well. After 29 minutes, my baby and I did it. We did it. My midwife slipped him through my knees (as I had delivered him on all fours), and I scooped him up and onto my chest. It was so amazing. My body was so powerful. I felt invincible. Nearly 2 pounds bigger than my first and not a stitch needed. He wasn’t cleaned off or anything. We snuggled and he found his way to his first latch, where he stayed for a good hour. My husband and I learned so much in your class. I left the classes feeling confident that we could have the natural birth we wanted. We felt informed and always on the same page as our midwife. I love Leo’s birth story. Thank you so much for helping us along the way, by equipping us with invaluable skills and information. Also, thank you so much for helping us find a provider with whom we were comfortable. We made the switch and it made all the difference. I cannot speak highly enough of Women’s Health Associates. Laura attended my birth and she was so calming. She didn’t leave my room. Leo Atlas Iannucci, born October 17, 2014 at 3:30 am. He weighed 7.10 and was 20.5″ long. We are all doing well and Luca loves being a big brother! Warmly, Caitlin, Scott, Luca and Leo, Ansonia, CT (Birthed at Yale-New Haven)

Hi Cynthia – I can’t wait to share our full birth story with you! Here are the highlights: We had an 18 hour All Natural Hypnobirth! Our precious baby girl Charlotte Cynthia Yannieh was born this Morning Sunday August 4th at 12:51am! 8lbs 9oz! All Natural! With support of our doula we had active labor at home and by the time we got to Bridgeport Hospital I was 7 cm dilated! We continued to use our techniques and made it to 10cm within 1 hour! Such a wonderful birth experience! I will share the full story with you soon but I wanted to share this with you right away.  I attribute our wonderful birth experience to several things and the number one thing is what we gained taking the HypnoBirthing of CT course with you! More to come! Thank you for everything! – Nicole Yannieh, Milford CT (Birthed in Bridgeport Hospital)

Cynthia, We wanted to write and share the incredible story of Emerson Catherine’s birth as well as express our deepest gratitude for the knowledge and resources you generously shared with us.  We truly believe that the tools we learned through HypnoBirthing allowed us to have the natural birth we worked so hard for.   After mild surges on and off for a day, we headed to Bridgeport Hospital at 6pm where we learned that I was only 2 cm.  The hospital insisted that if I stayed, I would be required to receive morphine order to get some rest, so we instead decided to return home.  Surges continued to intensify and we returned to the hospital a second time about 11pm.  At 3am I was only at 5 cm.  As my surges began to slow as a result of uterine exhaustion, we began the tough discussion with our midwife as to how to proceed.  She was beginning to be  concerned, but knew how important a natural birth was to both of us.  We began to discuss an epidural to give my uterus a rest, and while receiving fluids as part of the preparation process, my water broke about 4 am and I dilated from 5 to 10 cm in less than an hour…truly a miracle.  I began to push and an hour later my midwife said to me, “Reach down and grab your baby”.  As I pulled Emerson onto my chest I felt an incredible gratitude for my daughter as well as the team of loving and supportive practitioners who shared my goal of a natural birth.  Cynthia, we consider you to be such an important part of this team and are so thankful for giving us the confidence and strength to navigate a challenging birth.  In spite of it being the hardest work I’ve ever done, I would do it again in a heartbeat.  I’ve never felt such joy and confidence and can’t imagine a better way to enter the world of motherhood.   With deepest gratitude, Jennifer Masi, West Haven CT.  (Birthed in Bridgeport Hospital with Dr. Ronika Choudhary)

Megan used HypnoBirthing of CT to prepare for her vaginal breech twin birth at YaleDear Cynthia, My twins, Peter and Ewan were born on May 9th (just a few days after your breastfeeding workshop!).  My membranes ruptured early in the morning on Tuesday the 7th, and it was a long 53 hours until they were born on Thursday!  I am proud to say that they were born vaginally, Peter (the first) was head down and Ewan was footling breech.  Our midwives lead the show in the OR, but we had quite the party because 5 OBs wanted to witness a vaginal breech delivery as they had never seen one before! (This was in addition to the usual OR team of anesthesiologist, pediatricians, nurses, etc., who also watched.)  I made it until Wednesday night using the breathing techniques and continually switching up positions but, with no sleep and my energy sapped from several hours of 8-10 minute “compounded contractions” with 30 second breaks in between, I elected to have an epidural.  I feel good about the decision, as it allowed us all to sleep a bit and I could get some energy back for the double delivery the next morning.  The births were amazing, and Thomas continues to tell everyone just how amazing it was to watch a footling breech delivery. (He said the final part reminded him of a bobble head doll).  It was a festive atmosphere in the OR, as we had brought in our speakers to play my birth mix that we had played on a loop for the previous several days.  We had amazing midwives (Women’s Health Associates in New Haven) and a wonderful doula from Birth Partners, all of whom helped to make the entire labor and delivery a happy and memorable experience.  See you at the baby sleep workshop!  – Megan Kavanaugh (Fairfield CT, Birthed her twins at Yale-New Haven Hospital)

Ellie from Farmington CT chose to travel all the way to HypnoBirthing of CT in Westport for natural childbirth classes. She birthed her baby in Hartford Hospital. Even with Pitocin, she was able to birth her baby gently without an epidural.Dear Cynthia, Paxton (Pax) Lindenmayer arrived last Sunday night at 10:07, weighing in at almost 8 lbs. I was in labor for 24 hours and things stalled out at 7 cms for over 7 hours, so I ended up on Pitocin. Thanks to HypnoBirthing and the inspiration of women like you, I delivered him naturally. It was the most intense, transformative, and empowering experience of my life. This bliss of motherhood began to set in from the moment he slipped into my arms and that feeling has not left. I am overwhelmed by my love for him and I am changed forever. It is all so amazing!!! I am so grateful to Cynthia, and the philosophy of HypnoBirthing. – Ellie Lindenmayer, Farmington CT (Birthed at Hartford Hospital)

Jen from Easton CT used a strategy in the Yale maternity ward she learned at HypnoBirthing of CT: She didn't speak to anyone during labor. This allowed her to stay focused and relaxed.Penelope Rose was born at 6:42am as the sun was rising on the morning of Monday November 14, 2011 weighing in at 8 lbs, 1oz. It all started with Dad’s ‘induction pasta’ (spicy eggplant, sage, rigatoni and cheese). About 30 minutes after dinner, I felt my first surge which felt like a mild cramp.  About a minute later, came another, and another…it seemed like they were becoming progressively stronger very quickly. I hung out on my bed on my hands and knees during each surge and remarkably, I was able to doze off in between. By midnight I insisted that we head to the hospital.  The 30 minute drive to Yale felt like it took 5 minutes- in retrospect I realize that this distortion of time was similar to how I felt during hypnosis sessions in Cynthia’s class and while listening to Rainbow Relaxation.  When my midwife arrived to check me, all were shocked by the fact that I was already 8 ½ cm dilated.  I am so happy that I listened to my body and didn’t prescribe to notions about how long it ‘should’ take for labor to progress. Then unfortunately I remained at 8.5cm for 4 hours! I coped by using breathing exercises and avoiding communication with everyone.  Eventually the nurse recommended I take a shower and that got me to the point where I could push. I was excited and aware and communicating with everyone again.  I really did enjoy this phase of labor although it lasted for over an hour and was extremely challenging. I listened to my body and did not push with every surge because I wanted to conserve my energy and I didn’t want to tear.  Intuitively I knew the baby was moving down regardless of whether or not I was actively pushing. When Penelope was born it was very surreal and took a while to sink in that I was holding my baby.  Once she latched on I felt a wave of happiness/giddiness and satisfaction roll in and then it became real. I can truly say that I had an ideal labor.  My only thought is that next time I will seriously consider a home birth.  – Jen Terra, Easton CT (Birthed at Yale-New Haven Hospital)

Melissa from Fairfield birthed in Bridgeport Hospital with Dr. Ronika Choudhary. She avoided Pitocin and dilated naturally, using the relaxation tools she learned at HypnoBirthing of CT.Sophia Catherine Whitehead was born on 11/12 7:23pm at  7 lbs 11oz.  I started feeling a minor tummy ache at around 4 am on Saturday,  November 12 and by 6:00, I was pretty sure my membranes ruptured. I decided to wake up Justin and tell him that we should start getting prepared to head to the hospital (as I was positive for GB strep and knew I had to have antibiotics every four hours). After calling the doctor’s office, turns out I would be seeing the on call doctor – not our doctor. Despite “the plan” being much different than I had envisioned, I remained calm and went with the flow.  I wasn’t having any surges yet, so we walked into the hospital around 9 am. The nurse asked if we had a birth plan and we told her that we were going to be HypnoBirthing. She understood and told us she wouldn’t bother asking about drugs, etc. and that she’d bring a birthing ball in. We soon met the on call doctor. At this point, I still wasn’t having any surges, but I was 2-3 cm dilated. I started having surges shortly after, but not very close together and not very intense – though I did have a bit of nausea. My nurse was sweet enough to help me stay mobile while hooked up to the IV, but I still hadn’t “progressed” much within the next hour or so.  At this point, the doctor mentioned Pitocin as a way of helping things along. I was very calm and collected and asked if we could have an hour to ourselves, as we’d really like to do this naturally. He had absolutely no problem with that. This was the turning point of the labor! I The next time the doctor checked me, I was 4 cm and had a nice pattern of surges. Our nurse was ecstatic for us and we avoided Piton. Yes! For the next few hours, I turned the lights off, kept mobile & took an amazing hot shower and swayed my hips in a spiral motion while the water dripped down my back.  When the doctor next checked me, I was 9 cm! From then on, to my surprise, I felt comfort in being hooked up to the monitor and sitting up in bed because Justin could count up and down the surges with me. I was focused the entire time and my red balloon visualization was perfect! Once I had the urge to push, it felt *awesome* to be actively participating. I loudly grunted through each urge to bear down and told the doctor in between pushes how much I loved this phase!  After a few strong pushes, Sophia’s head was out. I reached down to touch it, which was pretty neat. Her body came out easily with one push. Thank you SO much for everything, Cynthia – I wouldn’t have had such a wonderful birth story if it weren’t for you. – Melissa Whitehead, Fairfield CT (Birthed in Bridgeport Hospital)

Marie birthed calmly and naturally in Bridgeport Hospital after the childbirth preparation course with HypnoBirthing of CT. This 5 ft. 1 in. mother birthed a nearly ten pound baby!Cynthia is very knowledgeable about the procedures used in hospitals and birthing centers. I felt I was provided with a well-rounded amount of information (both pros and cons) that will help me make the best decisions for my own birthing process. I was made aware of many things that I never knew of before that I am very thankful to now know about. I honestly think the class environment was wonderful. It was very comfortable, inviting and the snacks were a wonderful treat to have! I feel like I came away from the class with all the knowledge I was hoping to obtain. There are so many things I now know to ask my doctor and the birthing plan check list is a tremendous help! Since I am going to be birthing in a hospital, I really feel like I have an idea of what I am in for and I have the knowledge to stand up for what I feel will be right for myself, my husband and our baby. Thank you so much Cynthia for sharing your knowledge with everyone! I felt like I was the minority when I told people I wanted a natural birth. It is heartwarming to know that there are other mothers out there who want a natural birth and ones that have had a natural birth. It has been a wonderful opportunity to meet you and the other parents in the class. Post-Birth Update: Hi Cynthia – I just wanted to let you know that our baby boy was born Monday, January 17th weighing in at 9 pounds 10 ounces and 21 inches long. No one expected him to be such a big baby! I am only 5′ 1″ and weigh 115. Just another person to show that you don’t need a C-section for big babies! 🙂 Thank you again for all your information from class – it was a huge help through the whole birth experience! – Anna M., Trumbull CT (Birthed in Bridgeport Hospital)

PJ from Stamford never dreamed he'd end up enjoying Cynthia's HypnoBirthing class as much as he did. The experienced opened his eyes to a better way of supporting his wife through labor and into fatherhood.Cynthia, This is long overdue but I wanted you to know along with any fathers-to-be how beneficial I found your class.  I will always remember our first class – probably because it was the last thing I wanted to do. Bare with me.  I remember that I had to cancel on a boys’ weekend and was going to miss a Yankee game because they conflicted with your first class.  Most of my friends spent a couple of hours in hospital birthing classes and told me how awful they were.  So there I was, arms folded and completely resistant to hypnobirthing.  And then it happened.  Within 30 minutes of your class I realized it was up to me and my wife to define this moment – not conventional wisdom and “TV” births.  I’m more of a handshake guy but the hug I gave you after our first class was for opening my eyes and allowing me to look at birthing in a whole new light.  Thank you so much Cynthia. Best, PJ MeElroy, Stamford CT (Bridgeport Hospital with Dr. Ronika Choudhary)

Brenda prepared for her natural birth with HypnoBirthing of CT in Westport.It was obvious from day one that Cynthia is very knowledgeable and passionate about birth. I’m am so grateful for the variety of topics she covered and feel like I walked away with the tools I need to take control of my birth. My husband was worried about feeling excluded before the class started but that was not the case at all. Cynthia makes sure to include the birth partners and let them know how important they are in this process. It was nice to be in a room every Saturday with like-minded people. We missed class when it was over! I think it’s almost a shame that women have to relearn that childbirth is a completely natural process that our bodies are designed to do. I’m so grateful that HypnoBirthing of CT exists to teach women what they’re capable of. Not only am I looking forward to meeting my daughter, I’m truly looking forward to labor and birth. I can’t wait to experience it. Thank you, Cynthia! I’m going to recommend this class to every pregnant woman I meet! – Brenda Torres, New Haven CT (Birthed at Yale New Haven Hospital)

HypnoBirthing of CT prepares dr. ronika choudhardy's patients for calm, natural hypno birthingCynthia, last night Jon and I were discussing this, and we both feel that the price we paid for your class was an incredible deal for the amount of information we received. I don’t know where we would have gotten this info otherwise, and it was a true blessing that we found you and attended your classes. Jon really wanted me to add the fact that the lessons we learned in HypnoBirthing not only have benefited the way in which we birth our baby, but our lifestyle on many levels as well. You were very influential on me as a whole, and your class rockedPost-Birth Update:  Cynthia, I wanted to let you know that Jon, baby, and I successfully HypnoBirthed at Bridgeport Hospital on August 15th. It was a long labor- 33 hours. I was so tired, but was determined NOT to get the epidural or C-section. I was so happy with our birth! Long story short, HypnoBirthing totally worked for me. All the nurses at the hospital could NOT believe I was walking the halls at 9 centimeters dilated. And they could not believe I never screamed once. They said that most women come into the hospital and want the epidural at 1 cm. They thought I was amazing. I inspired many-including the doctor! Thank you for everything. She latched onto my breast right out of the womb and is a champion breastfeeder!!! Thank you again for all your help. I could not have done this without your class. Adrienne Wilson (Birthed in Bridgeport CT Hospital with Dr. Choudhary)

Cynthia, you are very inspirational. You showed us that even the most worried of expecting mothers can train herself to be relaxed and focused through the birthing process. You birthed a 9.5 pound baby peacefully without drugs or medical intervention of any kind. You showed us all that no matter how big or how small a woman is, her body was designed for birth and nature will provide for her all of the accommodations she needs. I have recommended this technique to every pregnant woman I know. Bethany Klinger, Bridgewater CT (New Milford Hospital)

Cynthia! You will be excited to hear that we welcomed our new daughter, McKenna, this morning, June 14th, through a successful vaginal-birth-after-cesarean HypnoBirth! McKenna weighed 9 lb. 6 oz. at birth.  She’s beautiful and doing well. Thank you for all your love, support, wisdom, and positivity!  It was instrumental in our success.   I wish I had known about your classes for my previous births.  You have empowered me in ways that I realize every day.  I am thrilled and so excited to welcome this new little baby into our lives in this life-changing and peaceful way.  Thank you so much!   Kind regards, Leanne O’Connell, Shelton CT (Birthed in Bridgeport Hospital)

Cynthia, I’ve been meaning to email you and thank you for such an informative class.  Tom and I really learned a lot and became even bigger advocates for what we wanted for our birth. Thank you! Good thing we were informed and had a very specific birth plan.  She was out in three pushes, literally less than five minutes from when the doctor arrived. They asked me to stop pushing at one point, because they were not ready! Ahvah Mae was born, at 1:48 p.m. A healthy beautiful girl, 6 Pounds 10 oz. It was the most amazing feeling, she was placed on my chest immediately and breast fed within minutes. At the end I got what I wanted a healthy baby girl and a natural birth. – Sandra Marino, Shelton CT (Birthed at Yale Hospital)

When I woke up on September 13th I knew something was different.  I contacted my doula to let her know that today might be the day.   I was experiencing cramps that were more intense than those I’d been having for the past two weeks.  I wanted to stay active; I knew it could be hours before anything significant happened.  I went for a pedicure, went for a swim and then out to lunch with my girlfriend.  Around 3 pm, Mike came home and set up the birthing tub, and we made arrangements for my parents to take our son after school.  We put on some music and got in the tub for a little while.  I loved the time in the tub together.   Still, I was excited and anxious, I decided I wanted Ashley’s ice cream, so we left.  When we got home, I felt that things were getting closer and called my doula.  Mike and I got in the tub for a little longer…My doula arrived around 8 pm. We decided it was time to go to the hospital.  Though the drive was not a great distance I was nervous about having the baby in the car, I was feeling a lot of pressure and the urge to push already.  When we arrived at the hospital, our midwife Laura met us in Triage and examined me.  I asked that she not tell me how far along I was (4cm) and she complied, but she told me to go walk around the botantical gardens.  I was very uncomfortable, and not looking forward to walking around, I did not like this suggestion but trusted the guidance of Laura and Deby.   I was squatting and breathing through the surges on every bench in the gardens with the help of Mike.  Thank goodness he is so strong and supportive.  Around 11pm I was having surges every minute.  Once I sensed a bit of a lull in the surges I made a beeline for the tub room. I desperately wanted to get back in to the warm water, as soon as the tub was ready I got in and spent an hour or so moving through different positions with vocal toning.  I also had my hypnobirthing and other peaceful music to help me stay present.  Around 1:30 after a check on my progress my membranes released.  At this point, I was talking to Katy, asking her to come out and see us.  After 9 minutes of pushing, Katy was born. She was born sunny side up with her eyes wide open staring at my doula and midwife and her daddy. Just as Katy’s shoulders passed through with the last push, Laura announced she was here, for me to reach my hands down and bring my baby to me, this was an amazing experience that I can’t put in to words…This natural birth was a miracle like no other experience could ever be. Katy was born at 1:59am on September 14th weighing 6 pounds and 6 ounces.  She immediately went to my breast.  – Kristin Haas, Woodbridge CT (Birthed in Yale/New Haven)

Evangeline Hypnobaby at Bridgeport Hospital with HypnoBirthingHi Cynthia! We welcomed our daughter, Evangeline Marie Maler, into the world on Tuesday, December 18, 2012 at 10:17 pm. She was 7 lbs. 6 oz. and 19 inches. On Monday, December 17th around 11 pm, I felt a little off. I kept waking up my husband Matt to tell him something wasn’t quite right. I admit, I had been waking him up almost every night for the past week repeating this phrase, so I wasn’t surprised when he rolled over and ignored me. Then at 2:15 am (Tuesday the 18th), I rolled out of bed and as soon as my foot hit the floor, my membranes released. When I told my husband, he jumped right out of bed and came to my side. I didn’t feel any surges at that time, so I decided to take a shower. I had my first surge at 2:43 am which lasted 20 seconds and continued to have them about every 3 – 4 minutes until 3:40 am. I was surprised they were coming on so quickly, but I was excited because that meant things were progressing. At 3:40 am, the surges were every 2 minutes and were getting stronger. We had our hypnobirthing CD in our bedroom and I practiced different yoga positions to work through the surges. Around 6 am, our doula Christina arrived. She helped me focus on my breathing as the surges became more intense. Matt, Christina and I decided to leave for the hospital at 7:30 am as my surges were every 90 seconds. When I arrived at the hospital, my midwife Michelle determined I was 5 cm dilated. I continued to listen to my hypnobirthing CD at the hospital and took a shower; the water pressure helped with the surges. At 10 am, I was 6 cm dilated and the surges were getting much stronger. I decided to take a bath. At 11:15 am, I was 7 cm dilated and the surges were incredibly strong. I wanted to walk around but it was hard for me to stand up so I continued to practice yoga in the hospital bed. The surges were every 60 – 90 seconds. When 2 more hours had gone by (1:15 pm), I asked my midwife to check my progress. I was 7 cm. I was disappointed to hear this as the surges were very intense and it was getting harder for me to get through them. About an hour later, at 2:15 pm, I asked my midwife to check again as the surges were becoming extremely difficult. I was still 7 cm dilated. At this point, I had been up for 29 hours and was beyond exhausted. After a lengthy discussion with my doula and husband, I decided to get an epidural. I just wanted to rest for a few hours to regain my strength and energy. I received the epidural at 3 pm and was able to rest for 4 hours. At 7 pm, I finally reached 10 cm and started pushing. After 2 hours (now 9 pm) of pushing and no baby, my midwife recommended taking me off the epidural (which I did) and tried to prepare me for the possibility of not having a vaginal delivery. When I heard those words, it was as if a fire was lit in my body. I told her I refused to have a C-section and that I would push with every single surge; I would do whatever it takes. I pushed 3 to 4 times every 60 seconds until I was told to stop. At that point, Evangeline’s head was out and at 10:17 pm; our little girl had finally arrived! I ended up with a 3rd degree tear, but after 20 hours of active labor – that was nothing! Evangeline laid on my chest for the first 2 hours and began nursing immediately. Although my birth plan changed and I ended up getting an epidural, I was not disappointed at all. I don’t think I would have had the energy to push for over 3 hours if I had not received it, which may have resulted in a C-section, so I believe I made the right choice. I want to thank you for your wonderful class which helped my husband and I learn the importance of breathing, hypnosis, and focus during child birth. Also, because of you, we were informed when it came to the procedures conducted on a baby within the first few hours of birth, i.e. Vitamin K shot, eye drops, etc. We were able to delay all of those tests and have her lay on my chest for 2 hours, allowing us to bond. – Thank you Cynthia! – Matt & Courtney Maler, Southington CT (Birthed in Bristol Hospital)