HypnoBirthing in Danbury Hospital and Birthing Center

Hi Cynthia!  I’ve been thinking about you!  Owen came Saturday on his due date, haha. We had the most amazing water birth at Danbury Birthing Center. It was everything I wanted it to be this time: I was really vocal about what I wanted and needed from everyone and I approached my fears about birth head on! And the coolest thing happened…I was laughing and singing in between surges and there were many moments when it felt easy. It was still hard work, but it was joyful work. Owen James is a beautiful baby…and so big. He was 10 pounds, 1 ounce and 22 inches long at birth. Maybe it was the warm water or the fact that he gave me the most blissful breaks between surges at the end…but I don’t have a single tear. He crowned during the second to last surge and just hung out there while I touched his head and regained my strength. Then I pushed one last time and then pulled him out of the water onto my chest, with Chad sitting behind me in the tub…it was an almost ecstatic experience. I felt so much overflowing love and support and relief and pride! Words don’t do it justice!  Thank you (again) for helping me get to this place. I feel so grateful that I had this experience. I wonder sometimes what kind of births I would have had if I had never found you three years ago. 🙂  Remember when I asked for a new affirmation at the refresher class earlier this year…the one I first took said something I already had from the HypnoBirthing class. The one I got after a second pick said this: “I envision my baby moving smoothly through me and into my arms.” It was perfect — exactly what I was wishing for…And it’s exactly what I got!!  So much love, Amy Walker, Norwalk CT (Birthed in CT Birthing Center)

Natalie had a HypnoBirthing in Danbury birthing centerHi Cynthia! On Thursday, October 17th (six days before my “guess date”), my labor began at 3 a.m. Things progressed slowly but comfortably. Our doula, Melanie got to the house around 6 p.m., once my surges were consistently 5 minutes apart for over an hour. We lit candles, sat in the dark, and talked between surges. I was chatty and social for minutes at a time in between–and had a great sense of humor all the while as well.  At about 9 p.m. we left the house for Danbury. The car ride was our “Rainbow Relaxation” CD time. We listened to the affirmations on repeat on the way to the birth center, and I hung onto every word–really letting it sink in. At about 1 a.m., my water broke and just one hour later, I was 10 cm dilated. I remember being on the bed, on all fours, and three very strong and vocal pushes later, Maxim was born, a pink, healthy, beautiful baby. I recall that after my very first push on the bed, my midwife said, “You could be done with just one more push!” and hearing that gave me all the strength I needed to bring Maxim into the world. I couldn’t even imagine the need or desire to be medicated–not once during my labor did the thought cross my mind. I found labor to be totally manageable from start to finish. Truly. And the best part? My son is the most wonderful baby. He is calm, he almost never cries or gets too upset, he is alert, and good-natured, and sweet, and so peaceful. And I think it’s because of his peaceful, easy, and beautiful decent into this world. So thank you, Cynthia, from the bottom of my heart, for opening my once afraid eyes to the very real possibility of attaining a gentle, peaceful, natural birth. It changed my life. It was empowering. I feel so overwhelmingly grateful to have met you. – Natalie Telyatnikov, Stamford CT (Birthed in Danbury Birthing Center)

 Cory's VBAC on baby number five!Sal and I welcomed our daughter, Nadia Lena, on November 7th – 3 days after my guess date.  I started having regular surges that afternoon and drove to Danbury Hospital in the snow storm!  We had the natural VBAC we hoped for with just 3 1/2 hours of labor.  Cathy Parisi was wonderful as were all of the nurses.  Nadia was 9 lbs 6 oz and she is just a little doll!  Thank you so much for everything you taught us in your class, Cynthia.  What we learned from you was the key to our success!  Thank you again so very much, Cory & Sal Pizzino, Fairfield CT (A natural VBAC with the midwives in Danbury hospital on baby number five!)

Hi Cynthia! We did it!!! I’ve been meaning to write to you for a while now, but haven’t been able to put into words how grateful we are for you and all that we learned from you. Everything from the course itself to all of the fabulous resources – our doula, the birthing center, the post-pregnancy peri-wash herbal tea–is so appreciated. Words are just inadequate for how grateful we are to you for setting us on this course, and helping us realize a natural, loving birth for our daughter and each other.  Our Tess (Teresa Alison Raquel Hinojos) was born December 2 at 10:03 weighing 8.3 lbs and 21″ long.  She came into the world in an extremely peaceful, calm and loving way–in the water, with us, her mom and dad, just as we had dreamed.  This whole experience has been just life-changing for us. We feel so close, so connected to one another, and I feel so empowered as a woman. I fully understand now all of the positive things you were saying in our classes because I have finally experienced them for myself! On top of that I feel fantastic, was up and around after 12 hours, cooking breakfast, taking care of the kiddos and the house. I DO feel sorry for my husband that he won’t ever have this experience birthing our babies, and at a loss that none of my friends has ever experienced this in their own births. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Cynthia!     – Hilary and Adrian, Westport CT (Birthing in CT Birthing Center)

Karen and Alex Orthner birthed at the CT birth center, having prepared at HypnoBirthing of Connecticut during their first pregnancy.When I became pregnant, I knew I wanted to do things differently. In Cynthia’s class I learnt far more than I ever expected. Cynthia helped me to express and release my fears – fears I didn’t even realize I had until the class began! Cynthia is so knowledgeable and insightful. Leaving her class I felt empowered. She helped me to believe that I could have the natural birth I’d always wanted. Remembering Cynthia’s guidance in labour, I was able to remain calm and tranquil, even when special circumstances (heavy meconium) meant we had to transfer from the birthing centre to the hospital just before delivery. Malakai was born naturally (sunny-side-up), weighing it at 8lbs 13oz on March 30th 2009. To my delight, Cynthia followed up with a phone call a week or so after our son was born and helped me to talk through and process the experience, which is a gift I will never forget. The greatest thing that Cynthia taught me is that it doesn’t matter how long or short your labour is, but that it is simply about allowing your body to do what it knows how to do naturally, in the time it needs to do it. I will be forever grateful that I took Cynthia’s class. – Karen Fryer, Newtown CT (Birthed in Danbury Birthing Center)

Hi Cynthia, I just wanted to let you know that Nick and I welcomed Grace Anne Taro to the world two days ago, on Sept 25th, at 6:02pm.  She weighed 7lbs, 4ounces and is 21 inches long.  Cathy G and her amazing nurses at CT Birthing Center were so wonderful to work with and I will sing their praises to everyone I know. As I’ve told you before- all of these doulas at HBCT are amazing and the service they provide is priceless. Grace made it a bit tricky as she came out with her hand up on her head.  But with the incredible supportive women around me (and my awesome crying husband!), I was able to birth my beautiful baby girl.  As I type this, I still can’t believe it is real and that she is ours!  Nick and I feel so blessed to have taken your class and had an opportunity to get to know you. We could not have imagined bringing Grace into the world any other way.  To think just a week ago I was having such a hard time wrapping my brain around my GBS positive test result, which lead to me moving from Greenwich Hospital to The Birthing Center… I would have never had the courage to make that switch without the knowledge provided from your class! Thank you so much for everything you do to educate, enlighten and empower women (and men!) through your classes.  You hold a very special place in our hearts.  – Diana Taro, Greenwich CT (Birthed in Connecticut Childbirth & Women’s Center)

Cynthia, I want to tell you how grateful I am for having met you and taken your course. I couldn’t have had such a beautiful delivery had it not been for what you taught me. I knew going into labor that the chances of him being born on his due date were slim. However I awoke at 11:45 pm on Monday the 26th with my first surge and within an hour I knew this was the real deal and my baby was actually going to be born on his due date! I immediately had my husband put on my Rainbow Relaxation CD, which would play throughout the entire birth and keep me calm and breathing correctly. By 12:30 pm I was settled in at the birth center and had dilated to 9 cm within that past hour. At 12:45 my membranes ruptured and I got in the tub to push. About 45 minutes later I decided to get out of the tub and try delivering on a birthing stool. It took me a few tries to figure out how to manage all of this energy. But once I got a handle of it I was able to calm down and do what needed to be done. Finally, at 2:04 pm on August 27th Jackson Duke LeMay finally arrived! He was 7 pounds 3 oz and 18.5″ long. I am so happy that I had the tools you provided to know how to birth him naturally. It was so amazing and I can’t imagine it any other way. The surges were completely manageable using the breathing techniques and the only part I would consider really difficult was pushing but looking back on it, it wasn’t that bad and I can totally do it again! Anyway, his birth really was perfect and better than I could have imagined! I am so proud of myself and my husband as he was the best; exactly what I needed! Thank you again for being such a huge part of our experience. We are forever grateful! Looking forward to introducing you to the baby at the Sleep workshop! – Jessica LeMay, Norwalk CT (Birthed in CT Birthing Center)

Hi Cynthia, I am writing to you with great joy to announce that our baby girl Yazmine Salim Mikhael has been born!! I would like to share my story as I feel that even though my intention was a water birth I still feel very happy with my experience and can thank HypnoBirthing for giving me the strength to have a natural birth. So here is my story: I had a doctor appointment on Friday October 11th (my due date) at 9am. I explained to the midwife I was feeling more intense pressure then I have been feeling and she said I was definitely having surges. Hearing this made me tear up with joy and excitement and nervousness. I went about my day as usual, since I was home I did some last minute things to make sure I was ready for the arrival of our baby girl. Family came over that night and had dinner and everyone was very excited. I woke up the next morning and didn’t feel any change in pressure. As the morning progressed the surges started to get between 4-5 minutes. I was admitted into the Birthing Center at 5:20pm. Now my birth plan was to have a water birth and to remain calm and relaxed during labor as I did not want any drugs. First thing I did was hop into the tub. The water felt great but unfortunately the sitting position in the tub was hurting me more than helping me. With it still being early with my labor I decided to get out of the tub and try to lie in the bed. This is when I found out that being on my hands and knees was the most soothing. When I wanted to change positions Vanessa suggested the birthing ball. This was amazing as it helped me to relax even further. While sitting on the ball I lay against the bed and was able to rest during surges. I listened to the hypnobirthing cd to help with focusing. After a while I went into the shower. At this point I felt the urge to push but my water had not broken yet and I was 7cm. I made the choice to have my water broken and feel it was the best choice for me. After having my water broken I went to 10 cm very quickly. I did a combination of birth breathing and pushing for about 1 hour. Between surges I refocused my breathing to relaxing so that I could have all my energy for pushing. During the last few pushes I felt I couldn’t do it anymore and wanted to give up, but my boyfriend was the best support ever and helped me refocus and center my thoughts to positive thoughts. Vanessa suggested I turn to my hands and knees and with my first push out came baby Yazmine (6lbs 15oz, 18″ at 8:02pm). Yazmine was born with her hand by her head called a hand presentation. Nothing to be worried about but being on my hands and knees helped me not to tear. Vanessa immediately gave me Yazmine and a world of emotions came over me. I couldn’t believe that this living being actually came out of me and now I could finally see her and hold her. Even though I did not have a water birth I did get to experience the drug free birth that I wanted and that was my initial goal. I am very grateful no complications arrived and truly believe the HypnoBirthing classes with you gave me the confidence and strength I needed to be able to achieve such a wonderful experience. I have attached the first picture of Yazmine ever taken :) Thank you so much for everything!   – Crystal Gaytan, Brookfield CT (Birthing in CT Childbirth & Women’s Center)

Hi Cynthia!  Olivia is amazing and we are so in love with her, it is unbelievable.  The birth was an amazing experience and HypnoBirthing was absolutely a huge part of that. My labor began with castor oil ingested by way of chocolate frappe, then I fell asleep to my Rainbow CD.  When I woke up I was feeling “funny” and then later started feeling the surges in my back. I was probably a bit startled but remained calm enough to practice as much HypnoBirthing breathing as possible and utilize some of the tools (birthing ball was huge).  Mike was tremendous, reminding me to breathe, to walk, repeating some of the wonderful messages from the affirmations…kept me in my zone.  Betsy came just in the nick of time, relieved Mike, and looked right into my eyes with her calm voice and eased me back into my HypnoBirthing when the surges got really intense and we all knew that it was time to get to Danbury.  I have to say that I was intensely focused and quiet on the car ride over.  Got to the center, 9 cm dilated, and Olivia was born at 3:47 a.m.  I felt so empowered and so in control of both of our destinies. Thank you so much for everything, all of the support and guidance.  It was not easy, but never once did I feel hesitation or fear.  She was so alert and responsive when she was born and as tired as I was I felt so connected, not to mention invincible.  Besides your HypnoBirthing course and your refresher class, which was a major confidence booster, I cannot stress enough how you helped BOTH of us to feel confident in the weeks before birth.  HypnoBirthing does work to keep you in that zone and believe me, I went into a zone and a place where you almost lose sense of time and what not.  Keeping in mind that a beautiful baby is coming and is going to have the best start possible also kept me going. Lots of love and many thanks always…I would only do this, again, for the next bambino or bambina!!!  xox, Melissa Miele (Stamford CT, Birthed in CT Birthing Center)

Zina had a natural birth wtih HypnoBirthing in Danbury CTDear Cynthia, We want to convey our deepest gratitude to you for sharing your expert knowledge of natural childbirth through your HypnoBirthing course. Thanks to your loving guidance we were prepared and calm for the birth of our son and able to witness the unfettered power and beauty of birth. As a woman I have gained extraordinary confidence in myself and credit the act of birth as the epitome of my empowerment.  Living with a certain form of ovarian cysts and Crohn’s disease had once made me believe that I would require interventions and rely indiscriminately on my obstetrician.  What you taught us led me to quit my obstetrician and seek the care of the midwives at the Danbury Birth Center at 35 weeks pregnant. Our son Kenz was born shortly after midnight on December 6th after twenty hours of incredibly challenging back labor. Given the type of labor I had, I am certain I would have been pressured into interventions elsewhere.  I labored at home for sixteen hours before making the hour-long journey to the Birth Center. In the freedom of my home, I instinctively crawled on all fours for most of the labor and asked Eamon to squeeze my hips to counteract the pressure in each surge.  I was 4-5cm dilated when we arrived at the Birth Center and was 9-10cm within two hours. I credit advancing my labor to the breathing techniques learned in HypnoBirthing.  I labored in the birth tub in the Center, stood and swayed my hips, and even had a few bites of food in between. I never felt the urge to push, but my midwife helped guide me for nearly two hours. It was exhausting and otherworldly.  My son arrived calm, alert, and with a desire to nurse immediately. Birth has ultimately changed my life and I feel I can overcome any challenge that crosses my path. Motherhood would not be the same. Thank you for your love, sincerity, wisdom, and support.  Zina and Eamon Aghdasi, Stamford CT (Birthed in CT Birthing Center in Danbury)

Mia experienced HypnoBirthing in Danbury hospitalMy apologies for the delayed email, but my time has been quite limited and honestly, I really have been enjoying my time with our new daughter! First, I have to tell you how thankful I am for taking your class and learning hypnobirthing– it was my savior during my birth and I really don’t know how I could have gotten through my experience without it!  That being said, I also want you to be able to have a positive story to share with your future couples, and for women to know that it is possible to have a natural birth even with an induction (which I was skeptical of prior)! Here’s my story…I went to the CT birthing center for my 39 week check-up.  Everything was fine until she checked my blood pressure. It was scary how high it was (170/115)!  The decision was to begin the induction process that morning.  At that point, I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect with an induction.  Thankfully, because of your class, we had prepared ourselves for having a hospital birth, so we knew what decisions we wanted to make ahead of time.  🙂  At 9:30 Thursday morning, I was about 3 cm dilated, and I believe fully effaced, so they all were happy their induction process seemed to work.  As a side note, I had been listening to my music and doing my breathing throughout the entire process, which helped to keep me calm and relaxed that whole time.  That was when I was started on the Pitocin drip. I started to really feel the surges around 11:30 – 12ish, and I continued to listen to my music and do my breathing that we learned in your class.  From that point, I did everything from walking to sitting in a rocking chair, to sitting on the ball, and I finally ended up in the tub somewhere around 4:30.  The tub was one of the best decisions I could have made.  The surges had gotten very intense and very close together, but thanks to my hypnobirthing, I was completely calm and able to keep my body relaxed as I breathed through each of the surges as they strengthened.  In a little over an hour, I went from 6 to 10 cm and was ready to deliver our little girl!  It’s amazing how your body tells you exactly what to do, as you said.  All of a sudden I felt the urge to “push”!  At 7:33pm, after a little less than 2 hours later, our beautiful daughter was born.  I actually ended up delivering her on a birthing stool, which was also a takeaway that I had gotten from your class.  It was the most amazing experience of my life, and to see her face for the first time, made everything that I had to do all worth it at that very moment.  It’s kind of funny too, because she was born with her hand up by her face, and she still loves having her hands up by her head.  🙂  We knew the importance of the immediate skin-to-skin contact, so she was placed immediately on my chest.  We did let the cord blood drain since we were not banking it, and she began breast feeding within 20 min of being born.  It was interesting too, because a little later when Kris held her for the first time, she began crying as soon as he put her against his clothed chest.  Remembering the story you had told us in class, Kris took his shirt off and after that, she was content lying on his chest, and it was such an incredible bonding experience for him and Grace, and for me to see! So, we have a healthy beautiful baby girl, who we are enjoying every day!  And even more, a positive birth story to remember!  I honestly can’t even begin to tell you how appreciative I am for all of the information you provide in your class, and for offering HypnoBirthing to women as a way to make the most out of their birthing experience.  We felt completely in control of every decision we made every step of the way, and I know that the breathing and meditating techniques that we learned in your class definitely helped me control my body during each of the surges, which ultimately helped me control my labor. I was skeptical whether I could have a natural birth after being induced; but now I can’t share my story fast enough to let women know that it is possible to have a natural birth even with some of the most extenuating circumstances.  Of course, it is all about the preparation and support– and I am so thankful for the midwives and Judy (she is wonderful!), and also the nursing staff.  They were actually really enjoying my natural birth because, as one nurse said, it was a “breath of fresh air”!  Well, I apologize for the long-winded email, but I really wanted to share my story with you and thank you again for having such an impact on our birth!  – Mia from Danbury (birthed with midwives in Danbury hospital)

Erica Sawyers, a prenatal chiropractor from Fairfield, chose HypnoBirthing of CT to prepare for her natural birth.Cynthia is personable, passionate and friendly.  This was an excellent childbirth class – great skills and information for all expectant mothers with a bias toward natural birth. And, Hallelujah Hypnobirthing Really Works! Alexa May was born at 7 pounds at the Connecticut Childbirth and Women’s Center after a smooth, (easy??) labor and delivery. Mom labored at home in the tub and was admitted to the birthing center with less than an hour left to go. What am amazing experience!! Thank you Cynthia and all the other Hypnobirthing mamas and babies that inspired us!  – Erica Sawers, Fairfield CT (Birthed in Danbury Birthing Center)

Jaime took HypnoBirthing in Stamford CT with Cynthia Overgard and birthed both her babies naturally.I feel like Cynthia came into my life and my pregnancy at the perfect time. I was five months pregnant and just had decided to make the switch from an ObGyn practice in Greenwich to the midwives at the Birthing Center in Danbury. I was excited and relieved to have found the midwives when I did, but I knew I needed to educate myself and take a birthing course. Additionally, so many people were constantly questioning my decisions about wanting a natural birth and having a midwife, so I felt I really needed to empower myself. The first time I spoke with Cynthia about her hypnobirthing course I knew she was the right fit for us. My husband and I took her class a month later and we were so thankful that we chose Hypnobirthing of CT. Cynthia immediately makes you feel relaxed and welcome. From day one you will know that she cares about each of her clients as individuals. I felt comfortable asking questions and Cynthia is a wealth of knowledge. She has all of the characteristics you would hope to find in a birthing teacher: passionate, supportive, friendly, smart, informative, and caring. Thanks to Cynthia, I had found the confidence I needed to believe in myself and my body. I left her course knowing I had all of the tools to make my dream of a natural birth a reality. In late February, the birth of my daughter was everything I had hoped it would be. When I woke up in the middle of the night, I immediately started listening to my hypnobirthing CDs, while breathing and visualizing. I arrived at the birth center 5 cm dilated and after only two hours of being in the water, I was fully dilated. I truly believe that this happened so quickly because of the techniques I learned from Cynthia’s course. As a result of the hypnobirthing, my increased self -confidence, and a supportive midwife and husband, I birthed a beautiful baby. Now two years later, I am pregnant again. This time from the very beginning I am excited about the birth and know that this is what my body is made to do. I know I can still turn to Cynthia and my midwives for advice and information, and for that I am forever grateful! – Jaime Hoffman, Stamford CT (Birthed at the Danbury Birth Center)

Tanya took HypnoBirthing classes in Stamford CT with Cynthia Overgard and birthed her baby confidently, calmly and naturally.Cynthia is very warm, friendly, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable. Being a former teacher, I do recognize that just because a person knows the material of a subject matter doesn’t mean they can really teach the material. Cynthia is an outstanding instructor; a true educator. I felt powerless before taking this course. The way she taught this course changed my perspective on giving birth and truly empowered me. This class has been one of the best experiences in my life. I would recommend everyone I know to take this course with Cynthia. I could go on and on raving about this course. She made my husband and me feel at ease, and as first time parents, that was very important. Cynthia is a true asset to the Hypnobirthing profession and she should be commended for being so. It is a great process and gives you an empowering perspective. I could not have asked for more in this course. – Tanya Hazelhurst (Stamford CT, Birthed in Danbury CT birth center)

Katie hypnobirthed in Danbury after taking Cynthia Overgard's childbirth classes.My birth was amazing! I could not have imagined it going any better. I was 40 weeks plus five days, and ready for my baby’s birthday. I had tried many things to get labor started – many spicy meals (including Phall Curry, the hottest outside of India!), vacuuming, walking up stairs backwards, jumping, running, skipping, but I was not in charge and she came when she was ready! My membranes released at about 12:30am when I heard a ‘pop’ sound. I was GBS positive, so we had to go to the midwives’ office to get some IV antibiotics right away (I was disappointed about this and next time will spend weeks 35 and 36 eating garlic like crazy!). I went back home to labor. My surges were three minutes apart by 2:30 am and they continued that way throughout the night. I had my Hypnobirthing track playing on my iPod and I kept repeating “My body is made for this!”. We finally headed in to Danbury hospital at about 10am. When I entered the hospital lobby, I was offered a wheelchair, I said “I am in labor, I’m not sick!” At that point I was six centimeters. I was met by Cathy Gallagher and a midwife intern, Becca, and our wonderful doula, Judy Burke. I labored throughout the day, trying different things to be comfortable. I was most comfortable in the rocking chair and lying on my side having my back massaged. I used my Hypnobirthing techniques to stay focused, I was very quiet and calm, only speaking a few times. Though I was nervous about getting in a out of the tub, it felt really good while I was in there. By 4pm I had progressed to eight centimeters, and it was suggested that I try the smallest dose of pitocin to help progress, and to avoid the hospital’s time constraints. I agreed and things became more intense after that point, but I was still very much inside myself and kept calm. At about 7:30pm I started to push, with Judy and my husband at my shoulders – everyone helping and supporting me. I kept asking “Can you see her head? Does she have hair?”. I knew I was close when I saw them turn on the baby warmer – and I was so excited. My beautiful baby was born at 9pm weighing exactly nine pounds. With a Mohawk! I did not experience pain, only intensity. There are a couple of things that I am so grateful for. At 34 weeks, I changed to the midwives at The Connecticut Childbirth and Women’s Center; It was one of the best choices I have ever made. If I had delivered with one of those OBs at my previous practice, I have no doubt that I would have had an emergency C-section. The OBs on-call at the hospital were nervous that I labored for 16 hours and ‘only’ made it to eight centimeters. The nurse in the hospital also had a hard time constantly finding the baby’s heart rate (the placenta was in the front, the baby was fine), and the baby had a very big head (38cm). I am so grateful that I was supported throughout my pregnancy by so many wise, wonderful women – my classes with you, Cynthia, my appointments and delivery with the midwives, hiring Judy Burke as our doula. I was not alone for a moment once I got to the hospital – one of them was always with me, and it was comforting for both me and my husband to be surrounded by women who knew that everything I was experiencing was normal. My recovery has also gone really well. I chose the hospital as this was my first baby and I was unsure about how it would go. Next time, I would like to go to the birth center.  – Katie Fritz, Pawling NY (Birthed in Danbury Hospital)

Alexandra from Norwalk took HypnoBirthing in Stamford with Cynthia Overgard of HypnoBirthing of CT. Her son was born naturally in Norwalk CT.Cynthia’s hynobirthing class was a joy to attend. The classes were full of valuable information that my husband and I found to be eye-opening and transformational in the realm of child birth. With our second baby we experienced a night and day difference from our first birth.  We felt prepared, calm and much more in tune with my body and experiencing how labor can be such a glorious event. I came from a place of tremendous fear from my first birth, and with my second an amazing transformation took place, resulting in my birthing peacefully and joyfully. Cynthia’s class is presented in a passionate, enjoyable manner.  She has been a wealth of knowledge to prepare us for the birth all women intended to have.  I wished I had taken her class for my first baby! – Alexandra McLaughlin, Norwalk CT (Birthed in Danbury birthing center)

Dear Cynthia, We want to convey our deepest gratitude to you for sharing your expert knowledge of natural childbirth through your HypnoBirthing course.  Were it not for you, we would not have gone into the birth of our first child as confidently and calmly as we did, and may have never have had the honor of experiencing and witnessing the beauty of birth as nature intended.  My 20-hour labor was challenging from the onset, characterized by intense pressure on my spine.  I labored in the comfort of my home for nearly 16 of those hours before making the hour-long journey to the Connecticut Childbirth and Women’s Center in Danbury, where I sought prenatal care with the wonderful midwives more than two-thirds of the way into my pregnancy after abandoning my obstetrician.   I credit the breathing techniques learned in HypnoBirthing in assisting me through every surge and advancing my labor.  I arrived at the Birth Center 4-5cm dilated and was 9-10cm within 2 hours. Shortly after midnight on December 6th, 2011, we welcomed our son Kenz, whose name means ‘treasure’ in Arabic. He arrived calm and alert, and nursed almost immediately.  Thank you for your loving, sincere counsel, support, and vast wisdom. – Zina and Eamon Aghdasi, Stamford, CT (Birthed in CT Childbirth & Women’s Center)

Romy took Cynthia's HypnoBirthing Class in Stamford CT and had a beautiful birthing experience in Danbury.Getting prepared to give birth for the first time can bring a lot of stress on a future Mom, no matter how many books we read, and how prepared you try to get. I can now tell you, Cynthia, that your classes were to my husband and me, crucial in the way we handled ourselves during the process. I do remember, how much support we found on you (and still) every single time I had a question, whether during the course or after. You have given me so much insight, that I felt that I was all the time picking your brain. A long lasting bond and friendship was created! Thank you so much Cynthia!!! — Romy Alvarez, Norwalk CT (Birthed in Danbury Birthing Center)

 Bojana took HypnoBirthing in Danbury with Cynthia Overgard and had a quick, comfortable birth despite her baby's big size!Cynthia is a very knowledgeable and informative person. Her positive attitude and determination to pass on her knowledge of HypnoBirthing were very apparent. Her personal birth experience and useful information contributed to my better understanding and acceptance of HypnoBirthing. I can say with confidence that I learned a lot and that Im looking forward to my own birthing with a lot of joy. Keep up the good work! [Post-Birth Addendum:] Cynthia, I can truly say I had a HypnoBirthing experience. I arrived at the birth center at 7am, and two hours later I dilated to 10 cm. Just 2 hours later William was born. During the whole birthing process I felt relaxed and confident. I was extremely alert and aware of my surroundings and was able to converse with everyone between my surges. I would like to thank you for helping me release any existing fears I had about birthing. The classes I took with you gave me exactly what they were supposed to: a secure, safe and confident birthing experience. – Bojana Staley, Rye NY (Birthed at Danbury CT birth center)

Mallika said she had a perfect birth after taking HypnoBirthing of CT's childbirth classesCynthia, I wanted to let you know that Chris and I had a baby girl, Anoka, on July 18th. Thank you so much for all that you taught us not only about hypnobirthing but about everything else. Your class really helped us prepare for labor and post labor. Without your class I am not sure we would have ever made the transition to the Danbury Birthing Center, which was definitely the right decision for us. We didn’t quite have the birthing scenario we planned, as we just barely made it to the center, but the birth was perfect. You have no idea how much your class made a difference in Anoka’s birth and we really want to express our gratitude. We will definitely recommend hypnobirthing and your class to anyone we know who is expecting. – Mallika Nair (Stamford CT, Birthed in Danbury Birthing Center)

Amy from Greenwich credits HypnoBirthing of CT for teaching her how to birth naturally and calmly despite a long and intense labor.Hi Cynthia! We wanted to let you know that we welcomed little Ben into the world on Monday night at the birth center! He is happy and a healthy 8 pounds. He was 3 weeks “early” but fortunately waited until the first hour we were eligible to birth at the center! HypnoBirthing was invaluable to our experience. Your classes helped to prepare us for anything and absolutely kept me relaxed and calm through the whole experience. And more importantly, your class opened our eyes to a better, more fulfilling way to birth! And we did it!! Thank you! – Amy Walker (Greenwich CT, Birthed in Danbury Birth Center)

Sachi's natural birth after taking HypnoBirthing classes in Danbury with Cynthia Overgard.Cynthia, I am happy to announce our daughter Georgia Rose was born on Wednesday. She came into the world pink and very alert, and she breast fed soon after. I’m very proud of myself for staying so calm and not letting fear get the best of me. I was really able to let my body do what it needed to do. Thank you teaching us so much. Hypnobirthing and your classes have been such a blessing for all of us for both of our daughters’ births. – Sachi Porizkova, New Milford CT (Birthed at Danbury CT birth center)

Zu and Eric took HypnoBirthing in Stamford with Cynthia Overgard and had two beautiful births in the three years that followed.Cynthia, Taking your class at HypnoBirthing of Connecticut (“HBCT”) was the best decision I could have possibly made. You have a great degree of tact and sensitivity when it comes to accommodating people of diverse mindsets, backgrounds and approaches to birthing. My husband loved the class as much as I did. Your class truly allowed me to birth my baby calmly and comfortably. I am so happy I found out about you and your classes. Thank you for everything! – Zuzana D., Stamford CT (Birthed in Danbury Birthing Center)

Malía was 9 days overdue, but that 9th day was the happiest day of my life. I had been told again and again that the baby was big so we really thought she might be early. We arrived at the birth center at about 8:20 A.M. and got as settled in and focused on HypnoBirthing. After about 2.5 hours of pushing, at one point I hollered, “Can’t you just reach in and pull this baby out!?!?!” They laughed, but I was serious! Malía finally popped out, all 9 lbs 8 oz of her. That instant when I felt her slide out was the happiest moment of my life. If I have 12 babies I’ll HypnoBirth 12 times!” — Carina Bandhauer, Southbury CT (Birthed in Danbury birthing center)

Cynthia, I disappeared into my room last Saturday afternoon with mild irregular contractions around 3pm. I started to listen to the birthing affirmations while doing the breathing. My mother in law was with me (as you know, she’s a midwife). She checked me at 4:30 and I was completely effaced and 1 cm. Somewhere between 4:30 and 7pm I went from 1 to 8 cm. I was feeling the urge to push. I got in the car and Kym drove 85 and blew red lights. I really had to concentrate to not have the baby in the car. We got to the birthing center at 7:39 and Astrid was born at 7:42 after only 3 little pushes. It was the most amazing birth! I feel great and healing well. Astrid is very peaceful. Once again HypnoBirthing and your class has proved so incredibly effective for me. 🙂 – Sachi Porizkova, New Milford CT (Birthed at Danbury CT birth center)

Tina prepared for her beautiful, natural birth at Cynthia Overgard's HypnoBirthing of Connecticut in Westport.Cynthia’s childbirth class at HypnoBirthing of CT was excellent! All women should be given this knowledge. I am now genuinely excited about the prospect of birthing my baby. I feel the tools, techniques and knowledge have empowered me and given me a faith in my body I have never known. Thank you. Post-Birth Update: Dear Cynthia, Happy New Year! I wanted to let you know that Freya Elizabeth Hope Parsons arrived safe and sound on Sunday, January 2nd, 2011. Her arrival into this world was everything we had hoped (and visualized daily): calm, gentle and beautiful. I am happy for you to share our story with you current prospective parents if you think it would be of help. When we arrived at the birth center at 7.00am it felt so calm there, just us and the midwife. I knew I would be meeting my little girl soon. The midwife quickly checked me on the bed and told me I was already 6 centimeters. During my pregnancy I had thought when the time came I would be really focused on this number, but I was so focused on my own body it didn’t seem to matter I just seemed to know that everything was moving along as it should. I felt total trust in my body and in my baby girl’s ability to make her journey safely. I got straight into the birthing pool and Mike set up the relaxation CD. At this stage I wasn’t talking to anyone I was in my own little world, focusing on my baby and the journey she was taking. I was able to manage each surge with my breath and my vocal cords. It felt so primal and natural. During all this time Mike was using the light touch massage and telling me what great job I was doing. His reassurance and calmness was exactly what I needed. I knew that everything was fine and my baby girl was doing exactly what she needed too. At around 8.20am it was clear that I was near completion as in between surges I was coming out of my relaxed state and able to hold brief conversations, even crack a few jokes about how noisy I was and how they needed a different pillow in the pool. Shortly after this time I could feel the baby’s head, upon first touch I was very surprised and a little concerned as I could feel an angled shape and I thought that maybe the cord was coming before the head. Then I remembered what we had been taught in class about the baby’s skull folding over itself. – Wow, this was what I could feel – I was truly elated! At this point I felt so connected to her that I was talking to her and encouraging her to finish her journey. Mike was kissing my forehead and telling me how amazing I was. After a further 20 minutes and six or seven more surges, during which I was able to keep contact with her head, Freya Elizabeth Hope arrived safely and calmly at 8.54am. She was placed straight on to my chest where she stayed until the cord stopped pulsing then Mike cut the cord (in between his tears) and took her from me while I moved onto the bed. I delivered the placenta naturally about 10 minutes later while Freya was skin on skin. She nursed about 10 minutes later – easily with little assistance. She was so calm, contented and alert and has this way (so far!). While we could have stayed at the center until late that evening we left around 2.00pm with our 5-hour old baby – who slept the whole way home. Our first week has been wonderful and I know the relaxed way in which she came into this world is responsible for a great deal of that. Thank you, Cynthia, and HypnoBirthing for giving me the confidence and skills to trust my body and my baby and allow me the birth I wanted. It has been interesting talking to friends who had all had thought I was living in ‘first-time-mum fantasy land’ when I had talked about the birth we were hoping to have… they have been truly shocked at what we achieved. At first I felt I couldn’t share our success as it felt like gloating – but I now know that people like me need to share our stories so that we can increase women’s confidence and disperse some of the fear in the hope that we can get birthing back to where it should be. Thank you again for everything. – Tina Parsons, Fairfield CT (Birthed in CT Birthing Center)

Cynthia, We tried everything under the sun to get this baby out… Annnnnnd NOTHING worked… We did end up at Danbury Hospital at 43 weeks with Cathy Parisi as our Midwife and Sylvie as our Doula. Both fabulous!!! I went in on Sunday evening to have the cervical balloon inserted in hopes it would start natural labor. Of course, it did not, but dilated the cervix to 4cm. Monday morning at 9am I wa…s induced with Pitocin (I know, ugh), along with penicillin for Group Strep B. Labor was all natural and surges were VERY strong – Wow! What an experience! Luna ended up being born at 8:58pm that night and as soon as she came out, Ross passed out! LOL – docs rushed in and used smelling salts to wake him. The baby stayed in our room for our entire stay at Danbury. The staff was amazing. Now, to back track a bit… A week before, my previous doctor at Greenwich said they would not release me to birth in Danbury, and tried to scare me because I was 42 weeks… My frame was too small, baby was too big, I am too old, I am waaaay overdue, my fluids are low, I would end up having a C-section (of course!). I called my Doula and Midwives, who all assured me all was fine. I signed my release out of there. Unbelievable! I am sooo glad I found you and took your class. The midwives and Sylvie were the way to go for me. Experience with them was fabulous. Thank you, Cynthia, for teaching and spreading the information you have! – Vanessa Cesareo, Greenwich CT (Birthed in Danbury Hospital with Midwives from the CT Birth Center)

I found Cynthia’s HypnoBirthing childbirth class at the right time. I was always unsure about the birthing process. Kevin and I attended the class when I was pregnant with my first child. Cynthia taught me things that made me confident and at peace with the entire process. I gained the courage to leave my OB/GYN at 40 weeks when they scheduled a c-section without consulting me first. I switched to midwives and birthed my daughter at 42 weeks with midwives at Danbury Hospital in a beautiful birth that was peaceful and my husband and I made all the decisions. I birthed my second daughter at Danbury hospital with the midwives at 41 weeks. I was in such a peaceful and calm state that the midwives thought my labor had stopped until I said “baby” and my beautiful daughter was born. What an amazing experience. Thank you for teaching me, thank you for making this process available and for helping to give me confidence to make decisions for myself, my children and my family.  – Susan Muthersbaugh, Fairfield CT (Birthed in Danbury Hospital)

Magdalena took HypnoBirthing in Stamford CT with Cynthia Overgard.I have always known that birthing a child in a relaxed setting without any unnecessary medical assistance was the only way I wanted to do it. My belief has been and still is that a healthy female body is designed to birth a baby without any medical intervention. Cynthia’s hypnobirthing classes were recommended to me by a friend of mine when I was 8 weeks pregnant. Signing up for the course was the best birth preparation my husband and I could have undertaken. Each of the 3 hour sessions were very informative and interesting. We always left with confidence that we will know everything we need to know by the time our baby arrives. Cynthia was always fully prepared and very passionate about the many topics discussed. She always encouraged us to ask questions and to take control of our own circumstances while in labor. We welcomed our daughter in a calm and very relaxed atmosphere of a bedroom at a birth center. It was by far the most fascinating, happy and yes, exhausting day in our lives. – Magdalena Gorzkowicz, Stamford CT (Birthed in Connecticut Childbirth and Women’s Center)

Cynthia, I just have to thank you for preparing Griffin and me for such a beautiful moment in our lives. Our hypnobirth was truly amazing. We arrived at the hospital at 2:30pm and Caroline was born at 6:14pm. I had back labor, which you prepared me for but I was able to stay completely focused. The entire staff at Danbury Hospital praised me and were fully supportive throughout,waiting with patience while I stayed in my zone. Griffin told me that it was amazing and I could have been one of the women in the videos we watched in class! Thank you for empowering me to believe I could do this. I believe birth is just a mental challenge that we are all capable of getting through if we convince ourselves we can. I was a swimmer all through college and treated my labor like an intense practice, with each surge like an interval training set. In the last ten minutes I was so tired and looked to Griffin. He said, “Practice is almost over.” With those words, she was born. She looked in our eyes and every sensation went away as she was placed into my arms. Thank you so much. – Lucy Sheridan, Woodbury CT (Birthed at Danbury Hospital)

Seema of Wilton CT chose Cynthia Overgard's HypnoBirthing of CT to prepare for her beautiful natural birth in Danbury.I feel blessed to have found Cynthia’s class which has given me the tools I need to believe in the natural wisdom of my body, rather then ceding control to others who claim to know best. Cynthia is extremely well-read and up-to-date on the latest thinking around pregnancy, birthing, prenatal care, etc. – she is a wonderful educator and true advocate for women who wish to experience a birthing experience that is truly magical. I cannot thank Cynthia enough for the gift she has given me and my family. The birth of our first child 6 years ago was very difficult – hospital drugs, prolonged labor, baby in ICU, difficulty latching, postpartum depression, etc. This time, with Cynthia’s help and guidance, we enjoyed a natural birthing process which was very empowering and extremely healing for me and my family. For that, I am forever grateful to Cynthia. Our son, Pranay, was born November 22 at 6:06am, morning of a full moon/blue moon. — Seema Dasani, Wilton CT (Birthed at Danbury Birthing Center)

Cynthia Overgard’s Hypnobirthing class was the single most important thing I did to prepare for the birth of my second son. If only I had had the wealth of information she provided before the birth of my first son! Cynthia’s non-judgmental and supportive approach to offering her vast knowledge allows her students to make mindful choices in preparation for the wondrous event of birth. She covers all areas of concern for parents preparing to bring their children gently and lovingly into the world. Under this most precious circumstance, Cynthia Overgard is the woman whose advice and guidance parents will be grateful to have. – Amy Piantaggini (Birthed in Danbury Birth Center)

Thanks so much for opening our eyes; we were really lost and clueless before we took your course. We not only learned about Hypnobirthing but we learned a great deal about many medical interventions that we never even knew existed!  Your class was spot on about how some medical  caregivers try to undermine your efforts, and how important it is to have  strategies to deal with that.  During Zoe’s birth, the doctor was talking to us about Pitocin and C-sections.  Finally we got an angel of a nurse who understood our wishes for a natural, drug-free birth and she supported me the whole way.  Everyone is amazed that I did it without drugs,  and I’m proud of myself too. You’re class was spot on  We’re very grateful. – Linda and Julien, Westport CT (Birthed in Danbury Hospital)

The Pitocin really added an unexpected element to my birth plan and as a result I am told that my surges were much more intense then they would have been without it. I was happy to be practicing my hypnobirthing techniques throughout the day. Through each surge I focused on expansion and opening. I listening to the CD and was able to meditate and at some points drift off to sleep (I was snoring) between surges. In the end, I declined the epidural and had a vaginal birth. My midwife and MANY other people were astounded that my determination and hypnobirthing techniques were able to help me achieve a vaginal birth with back labor and Pitocin while declining the epidural. Thanks again for your class and support! – Abbey Polito, Stamford CT (Birthed in CT Childbirth and Women’s Center)

Cynthia, I enjoyed the Hypnobirthing course so much….I am sad that it is over. You are a wonderful instructor and I will absolutely recommend your class to my pregnant friends in the future. You are truly an inspiration to me. – Mary Rice (Birthed in Danbury Birth Center)

After taking Cynthia’s hypnobirthing course with my husband, I gave birth to my 9 lb. 1 oz. son in 7 hours with no complications. By the time my husband and I got to the birthing center I was fully dilated, and after about half an hour of pushing, my beautiful son was born. While I didn’t employ all the breathing and visualization techniques from the course exactly as taught, I think the invaluable thing hypnobirthing did for me was allow me to approach birthing my son with confidence, optimism, and even eagerness. We birthed our son in exactly the way we had hoped. Thanks, Cynthia! – Evelyn Fetridge, Brewster NY (Birthed in Danbury Birth Center)

I was so very impressed with Cynthia’s sincerity, big heart, excellent time management, reliable follow-up, easy-going communication, and perfect class presentation. She covered the topics in an organized manner ensuring the concerns and questions from the group were addressed (without rushing). It was a very satisfying experience overall. We also loved the materials she prepared for us (well-organized, color-coded, and nicely-bound). This is definitely the best thing we spent our time, effort,and money on while preparing for our baby. Cynthia’s class inspired and empowered us to have a birth we wanted to have. Taking her class was the best thing we did while waiting to meet our baby in person. It made us grow as parents before we even became them. Cynthia, you are an inspiration! We became much more empowered because of you.  Giedre Minkauskaite, Stamford CT (Birthed in Danbury birth center)

Cynthia Overgard is knowledgeable & helpful with HypnoBirthing as well as prenatal and parenting information. She is very caring and empathetic. Our hypnobirth was better then I could have imagined. It was empowering and solidified my belief that bringing a child into the world can be a magical and peaceful experience. Thank you, Cynthia, for helping us gain a clearer vision of how we wanted to bring our baby into our lives and the world. I wish every woman could have the same experience. – Marie-Alana LaChance, Waterbury CT (Birthed in Danbury CT birth center)

Cynthia really made me believe this can work for us. Cynthia’s very organized and a great presenter. The handouts and videos are particularly valuable. I’m so grateful to have found out about your class. It has really changed my perception of how wonderful the birthing experience can be. Here is a photo taken of Lucy, just a few minutes after she was born at the birth center. Thank you, Cynthia! – Brenna Burns (New Haven CT, Birthed at Danbury CT birth center)

We are so grateful for everything you have taught us, Cynthia. Your class has been informative,educational and inspirational. We are so grateful for the knowledge and empowerment we gained for our son’s birth. – Laura Rosen, Hartford CT (Birthed at Danbury CT birth center)

Cynthia, I’ve been wanting to write since my daughter was born! I know you’d be pleased to hear that I got my natural VBAC birth!  I was so proud to have had a natural VBAC birth – especially on the morning I was scheduled to have a repeat C-section. Thank you so much for all of your support and good advice. I am so appreciative!  – Emily Dolan, New Milford CT (Natural VBAC in Danbury Hospital)

Hi Cynthia – I was in your class in White Plains in late November, and on the 26th of December we had a baby boy!  And, it was a natural VBAC!!!!  I started having contractions on Christmas night then had him on the 26th at 4:00 pm in Danbury Hospital!  It all worked out beautifully and we are so happy that he is healthy! He was big—8 pounds 15 ounces!  And I did it with no meds, too! Troy was so impressed with how I handled the surges.  Honestly, I never felt any “pain” nor did I even think about needing any medicine. I kept focused and breathing and calm the whole time.  Thank you for everything!  – Melanie Millard, White Plains NY (Birthed in Danbury Hospital)

Our birth was quite fast, Cynthia. At 6am we drove to Danbury with strong surges every 3 minutes. I was 5 cm upon arrival and went straight into the tub, which was very calming. After another three hours our boy was born. After the birth I felt great and we went right home after a big lunch! Cédric’s birth was completely different from Morris’. I went into strong labors from the beginning on and after only 3 hours he was born. Again I was able to relax thanks to hypnobirthing methods and the tub. The hypnobirthing really works for me and makes me very confindent about our third upcoming birth! Thank you again for your helpful classes! – Sarah Annen (Stamford CT, Birthed at Danbury CT birth center)

Cynthia is extremely accessible and addresses all questions in an honest and objective manner. The most valuable aspect of class were all the real-life, positive stories. Cynthia’s passion for natural birth is very inspiring. I truly appreciate her caring and friendship which made us feel supported and believe that it is actually possible to have a calm, joyful and natural birthing experience. It has helped me believe that natural birthing is attainable even by someone filled with fear like me. Thank you Cynthia for being a great teacher, sharing your knowledge and most of all becoming a good friend!! – Rekha Terway, Stamford CT (Birthed in CT Childbirth and Women’s Center)

Cynthia provided a positive and professional atmosphere and made us feel so comfortable. She taught us so much and we enjoyed being with the other expecting parents so much. It just seemed to end so quickly. She covered the hypnobirthing wonderfully. The class and what we learned gave us the strength to keep looking for the right place (and doctor/midwife) to help us achieve the birth WE want. We are so glad we took this class earlier rather than later because it opened so many doors for us. Thanks! – Marisa Rae (Stamford CT, Birthed at Danbury CT Birth Center)

Cynthia’s passion to inspire and empower us with all the knowledge and information regarding natural birth through her personal experiences, hypnobirthing method, facts, and materials prepared us very well. I was also impressed with how well she was prepared for each session. I felt, I gained so much from each class. I can’t think of anything that wasn’t helpful for me. I was also impressed with Cynthia’s friendly manner and willingness to help us out in any way she can. I felt that she genuinely wished/hoped to help us though the process. I honestly didn’t know what to expect from Hypnobirthing although I did a bit of research before signing up. I felt this turned out to be an excellent. I gained a better understanding of natural birth and confidence in myself. It really helped me to have a healthy and positive image of birth over what I had imagined for a long time. I don’t feel scared and nervous at all about birthing now. This is a big milestone for me. What else can I ask for? I enjoyed all the sessions and felt I was more and more prepared and inspired after each class so that I can have a wonderful and beautiful birthing experience for my son. Overall, my opinion is great and excellent for what I’ve gained and learned so far!!!! We talk a lot how much we are glad that we were able to find your class and learn about hypnobirthing. Post-Birth Update: This is Gina Hwang (my husband is Henrik). I hope you remember us. It’s been so long since we met you in your classes – over two years. I believe we took your sessions in Sept 2009. I also don’t know if you remember that you helped me with wonderful thoughts and great advice via emails even after the course ended, since I was so torn between a hospital birth (which I initially planned) and a possible water birth in the Danbury Birth Center (1 hour drive from where we lived in Stamford at that time). Changing caregivers turned out to be the best decision we could have made. It was a long birth, and I ended up needing Pitocin with intervals of antibiotic, but I had no epidural at all – not even a drop throughout the whole labor. I didn’t even consider it as an option. I kept telling myself, “I can do this.” I remember the HypnoBirthing CD playing aloud in the room. When I finally pushed the baby out, it was a true moment of ecstasy. I didn’t remember if I shouted or screamed, but Henrik said I didn’t make a sound. If we hadn’t met you and didn’t learn HypnoBirthing from you, I don’t know what my birth experience would have been like. I am sure it would have been completely different. I know it’s long overdue, but many, many thanks again for your inspiration and wonderful advice over our birth choices. With all that, Henrik & I was able to experience the most amazing moment of our lives in wonderful care of our practitioners. Cynthia, I now truly believe that we can endure labor without any medication. Perhaps mine was a bit more challenging with Pitocin, but I found it was bearable after all. – Gina Hwang. White Plains, NY (Birthed in Danbury Hospital)

Cynthia’s class offered such a refreshing view of the birthing process.  I truly missed class when it was over, but left there being very confident in my ability to have a relaxing and calm birth, no matter how it turns out!  Post-Birth Update:  Hi Cynthia! I just wanted to update you and let you know Kevin and I welcomed Dylan Joseph on 7/7/11 (his due date!) at the Birth Center in Danbury! Around 2:30 a.m. I thought I was having slight surges, but nothing much, so I just went back to sleep.  That morning I felt fine, so Kevin headed to work.  Then around 10:30 I started having on and off surges and around 11:00 I told Kevin to come home. Kevin got home around 12:30 or so and called the birth center and our doula. The doula arrived and was very helpful in rubbing my legs through the surges.  Finally, around 2:30 p.m. I said we had to get to the birth center. When I was checked, they said I only had a tiny bit further to go!  Once the room was ready, Cathy told me I could get checked again whenever I was ready – I got on the bed and she told me I was ready to push.  I did end up literally flat on my back but that was fine with me. Kevin and our doula asked if I wanted to switch positions, but I was just fine.  I pushed for about 15 or 20 minutes and then Dylan was here! That you so much! – Caroline Hoffman, Wilton CT (Birthed in Danbury birthing center)

Camilla's natural birth in Danbury with HypnoBirthing of CTDear Cynthia, We are so grateful that you were a large part of our birth-prep experience.  As a result of you and your hypnobirthing class, we felt calm and confident as labor and delivery  approached and I delivered our daughter without meds at The Birth Center in Danbury.  What an amazing experience!  Thank you for being an excellent resource and example for us.  Love, Camilla and Chris, Norwalk CT (Birthed in Danbury Birthing Center)

Amanda's natural birth in Danbury after preparing at Cynthia Overgard's childbirth classMarin’s birth was perfect…there is not a single thing about the experience that I would change!  The techniques we learned in Cynthia’s Hypnobirthing class, as well as all of the knowledge that she shared during her classes, empowered and enabled us to have such a wonderful experience.  Since this was my first pregnancy, I didn’t fully understand this at the time, but it’s really unusual (and difficult!) to expose yourself to the facts of pregnancy and birth.  So much of this information just isn’t discussed or published in places that are easy to find.  After taking Cynthia’s class, we had a clear idea of what we wanted for our daughter’s birth.  We made the decision to plan for her birth in a place (the CT Birthing Center) that we felt complemented our personalities and would be understanding and supportive of our birth plan.  We hired a doula that was also a good match for us.   My labor lasted about twelve hours, 3 of which were spent at the CT Birthing Center.  I would not describe any moment of this time as painful…it was an intense, exciting, amazing time.  I used Hypnobirthing techniques for relaxation throughout my labor, especially the last 3 hours.  My husband, Brett, was able to receive Marin as she was born and he placed her on my chest.  We were together from the moment of her birth and we were not separated once.  Cynthia, thank you for sharing your passion and knowledge with so many women.  I’m sure the impact of your efforts spreads further than any of us can know as you continue to help so many families start off with positive and healthy births! – Amanda Alstead, Ridgefield CT (Birthed in Danbury Birthing Center)

Hi Cynthia, Just wanted to let you know that on February 19th at 7:23 p.m. our little angel finally arrived. She was 7 lbs 9 oz and 20 inches long and 100% adorable. We named her Stella Ruth DeGregorio and are totally in love. My labor s…tarted a few hours after receiving a wonderful prenatal massage from our neighbor who is trained in shiatsu. At 12:30 a.m. I started having surges and my waters released at 6:30 a.m.. I did my best to breathe through each surge, holding Joe’s hand. We went to the birthing center around 8:30 a.m. and I was 2 cm dilated so we went back home to labor some more. We returned to the center at 4:30 and I walked the stairs and tried different positions until at 5 p.m. it was time to get into the tub. As soon as I got in the water I felt I needed to be on my hands and knees and the moment I did so baby flipped into position so that her back was to my front and my back labor blissfully stopped. Shortly after that I felt the need to push. This, for me, was the most challenging part. The midwives were wonderful though and kept reassuring me I was doing great and helping me to breathe slowly and stay calm. I wound up getting out of the tub and trying several different positions, at one point standing with my arms around Joe’s neck. I ultimately delivered Stella on the bed on my hands and knees looking into Joe’s eyes. It took an hour and a half but the moment she came out was the most incredible moment of my life. I held her skin to skin immediately while the midwives helped me deliver the placenta and allowed the cord to finish pulsing. She was nursing within minutes and very alert. My labor and birth was by far the most challenging and intense experience of my life but I am so happy with the way things turned out. I am so glad I learned about how normal and natural birth can be through your class as well as the breathing techniques to stay calm. I didn’t have any pain medication or IV’s and was back home twelve hours after delivering. Stella is a happy, healthy baby and these last ten days with her have been just amazing. Thank you for helping make birthing my baby the happy, loving experience I knew in my heart it could be. Sincerely, Alissa, Joe, and Stella DeGregorio, New Milford CT (Birthed in CT Birthing Center)

I gained so much from Cynthia’s knowledge and awareness, all relating to the things I consider important when it comes to birthing my baby. It was so refreshing to be around her. I loved her kindness, gentleness, and free-thinking manner. HypnoBirthing is amazing, I’ve already told all my pregnant friends about it. I loved this class, and only wish I had taken it earlier in my pregnancy to have more time to practice and research what we learned. – Michelle D’Ambrosio, Milford CT (Birthed in Danbury birthing center)

Hi Cynthia, Just wanted to let you know that on February 19th at 7:23 p.m. our little angel finally arrived. She was 7 lbs 9 oz and 20 inches long and 100% adorable. We named her Stella Ruth DeGregorio and are totally in love. My labor s…tarted a few hours after receiving a wonderful prenatal massage from our neighbor who is trained in shiatsu. At 12:30 a.m. I started having surges and my waters released at 6:30 a.m.. I did my best to breathe through each surge, holding Joe’s hand. We went to the birthing center around 8:30 a.m. and I was 2 cm dilated so we went back home to labor some more. We returned to the center at 4:30 and I walked the stairs and tried different positions until at 5 p.m. it was time to get into the tub. As soon as I got in the water I felt I needed to be on my hands and knees and the moment I did so baby flipped into position so that her back was to my front and my back labor blissfully stopped. Shortly after that I felt the need to push. This, for me, was the most challenging part. The midwives were wonderful though and kept reassuring me I was doing great and helping me to breathe slowly and stay calm. I wound up getting out of the tub and trying several different positions, at one point standing with my arms around Joe’s neck. I ultimately delivered Stella on the bed on my hands and knees looking into Joe’s eyes. It took an hour and a half but the moment she came out was the most incredible moment of my life. I held her skin to skin immediately while the midwives helped me deliver the placenta and allowed the cord to finish pulsing. She was nursing within minutes and very alert. My labor and birth was by far the most challenging and intense experience of my life but I am so happy with the way things turned out. I am so glad I learned about how normal and natural birth can be through your class as well as the breathing techniques to stay calm. I didn’t have any pain medication or IV’s and was back home twelve hours after delivering. Stella is a happy, healthy baby and these last ten days with her have been just amazing. Thank you for helping make birthing my baby the happy, loving experience I knew in my heart it could be. Sincerely, Alissa, Joe, and Stella DeGregorio, New Milford CT (Birthed in CT Birthing Center)

HypnoBirthing of Connecticut in WestportOn Sunday March 30th, just over one week before my due date, I began feeling what I thought were just Braxton Hicks. They continued on and off all day. We put on our Hypnobirthing CDs and I tried to get some rest, but of course could not sleep at all! I was too excited for what was to come! At 2:30 AM we went to the CT Childbirth and Women’s Center in Danbury. One of the midwives checked my dilation, and I was 2 cm at that point. She told us to go home, rest, and come back when the surges were noticeably stronger. Well, we went home and the surges definitely got stronger. This being my first baby, I didn’t really know how long to wait to come back. At about 5 AM I was still at home, but suddenly had the strong urge to push! My husband called our midwife, who told me to come back immediately. Luckily we only live 15 minutes away from the birth center, but that was one scary drive! Emma was on her way! We pulled up to the door, and I rushed to the bed. Our midwife announced that she saw hair! With three quick pushes, Emma made her way into the world. I had dilated 8 cm in the previous 3 hours! Emma Rose was born at 5:49 AM at 6 lbs 7 oz.  I attribute the quick and smooth birth to listening to the CDs every day for the last three months, and practicing visualization while I was in labor. Even though the surges were so intense, I was able to sleep through some of them because I was in such a relaxed state. We were amazed! Thank you Cynthia for the great classes and tools to help me have a wonderful birth! I couldn’t have had a natural birth without your class!  –Shannon Marzella, Redding CT (Birthed in the Connecticut Birthing Center)

Our daughter Neve was born January 6 at 11:05pm at Danbury hospital via VBAC. She weighed 9lb 3oz. Overall, the birth experience was the most challenging, exhausting, exhilarating, empowering, amazing thing I’ve ever done. I felt like I ran a marathon afterwards – both in terms of the level of exhaustion and the rush I felt!  A couple days prior to the birth, I started having surges every 10 minutes. They soon began to come on every 7 minutes and I continued to experience this for about 30 hours. Then, they suddenly stopped. About 12 hours later, around 1am, my water broke and I started having surges every 2-3 minutes. Because I was having a VBAC, we went to the hospital at this point to check that everything was ok and then planned to leave to further labor at home. When we arrived at the hospital the midwife confirmed that I was 5cm along and should probably stay at the hospital since I was having surges every 2 minutes. About 4 hours later, I was 8cm along. I used the birthing tub which was great and our doula, Ashley, who was absolutely wonderful, suggested various positions to labor in. Four hours later I was still 8cm and five hours after that I was between 8-9cm. At that point I had been actively laboring for about 15 hours and was exhausted. I decided to have an epidural at that point in order to save my strength for pushing. Having a VBAC was the most important thing to me and while I struggled with the decision to have the epidural, especially at that point in labor, I decided that if it helped me to achieve my goal of having a VBAC, then it was the right thing to do. I rested for a couple hours after that and then when it came time to deliver the baby, I pushed for three hours until she was born at 11:05pm. I have never felt the sense of accomplishment I felt after she was born. She was perfect and almost 2 pounds bigger than her brother had been! I had the most incredible team supporting me and really feel like the preparation that Sean and I did prior to the birth was invaluable for us. Your class was an essential part of our preparation and I definitely have you to thank for all of the support, advice, and information you provided, as well as your recommendations for Ashley and the midwives. Sean was an amazing support throughout the process. Ashley was wonderful! She provided incredible support and advice to the both of us, and I don’t think I could have done it without her. The Danbury midwives were also fantastic. At one point I had declined EFM, as well as an IV, and though they didn’t agree with me on it they supported me in my decisions. Even while my progression slowed towards the end, not a single nurse, doctor or midwife ever mentioned the words cesarean section in my presence. It was as if everyone was rooting me on to have this baby VBAC. In the end, the birth was everything I wanted it to be. I have no regrets and I feel so incredibly empowered. I’ve been on cloud nine ever since! Thank you, Cynthia, so much for everything. Your class and your advice really helped me to develop my plan, prepare and then achieve my ultimate goal of VBAC.
– Jill Curren, Norwalk CT (VBAC in Danbury Hospital with the midwives)


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