HypnoBirthing Childbirth Classes in Stamford, Greenwich and Norwalk CT

JessicaHi Cynthia! I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to get you my birth story. We welcomed our beautiful little girl, Juliette Parker, on 3/14/14 at 4:13am. I was a week past my “guess date” and our doctor was patient with us, allowing us to let it happen naturally.  On the morning of the 13th I woke up and was disappointed that nothing happened that evening. Around 8:00am, as I go out of bed, my membranes released.  We were off to the hospital a couple of hours later where we reviewed our birth plan with our nurse. I slipped into my birthing gown and began to walk around the hospital. The baby was monitored intermittently and then I was free to walk around again. Around 10:00pm the surges were getting very intense and my nurse suggested that I get in the shower. I did and it was fantastic. I was in there for about two hours. Our doctor and nurse were happy to allow us to work through the surges in peace. I used the breathing and visualizing techniques, listened to relaxing music and had the lights dim. I got to a point where I wasn’t sure if I could go on. I was exhausted. My nurse (also a mid-wife) was familiar with hypnobirthing and reminded me that this was a transitional point. I remembered that discussion at one of the Hypnobirthing classes. She offered to check me, I was fully dilated. Around 3:30am, things began to pick up and I felt the need to push.  I used the surges to breathe deeply and would find myself with my eyes closed (practically sleeping) between them.  Finally, after 20 hours, I felt my baby coming into the world. I didn’t tear. I was immediately given our baby. The doctor followed our birthing wishes and delayed the cord clamping and allowed my placenta to deliver naturally. The three of us were left alone in the room for bonding and the baby latched successfully. It was so nice to be able to get up after delivering my baby and walk to my room.  The baby roomed in with us for the remainder of the hospital stay. We had an amazing natural birth at Greenwich Hospital! Thank you again Cynthia for all of your guidance. I felt so prepared, informed and in control of my birthing experience.  I am so grateful for all of your support, guidance and knowledge.  – Jessica McInnis, Greenwich CT (Birthed naturally in Greenwich Hospital)

Here is our Greenwich-hospital birth story! Signing up for Cynthia’s HypnoBirthing class was one of the best decisions we ever made! Cynthia was so accommodating and her sessions are fun and packed with so much valuable information and knowledge!  At 38 weeks (Tuesday 6pm), we had a scare when we picked up my Mom at the airport. I had some cramping and strong bleeding. It was too strong to be just the “bloody show”. We called our OBGYN office and they told us to go to the hospital to make sure everything is okay. The doctor on call diagnosed an abrupted placenta. It was very frightening and within 20 minutes he mentioned the word c-section 3 times! We had been already thinking about hiring one of the HypnoBirthing of CT doulas, Ashley Ortelli, and this unpleasant situation got us to hire her last minute from the hospital! She showed up on the spot and was a great support and helped us feel more confident. Then the specialist said she can’t see any abruption so we decided to prepare for delivery as no one knew why I was bleeding so much. Both me and baby were found to be very healthy so I was given Cervidil. On Thursday morning I was given Pitocin to induce labor. I wanted everything all natural and without intervention but in the end I accepted the situation and our gut feeling said it was the right thing to do. Around 4pm the surges got strong. I worked on a birthing ball then on my hands and knees! At 5:25pm the surges became extremely strong. A squatting bar on the bed and my husband and our doula, Ashley, supported me. At 5:46pm our OBGYN came back from another delivery and our baby was already coming out!  At 5:48pm our healthy and happy baby, Hayleigh Sage, was delivered naturally at 8lbs. 4oz.!! She was immediately placed on my chest, skin-to-skin, and within 20 seconds she started breastfeeding on her own without any coaxing. Other than 2 minutes for them to weigh her, next to me, Hayleigh was on my chest for 12 hours straight! Oh yes, and immediately after birth, we asked to wait 20 minutes before they clamped the umbilical cord and then Erik got to cut it. In the end we could not have asked for a better birth and, yes, it is possible to have an all natural HypnoBirth even at Greenwich Hospital! We want to thank Cynthia once again for all her support and amazing classes which gave us the needed tools to have our dream birth! We cannot wait to see you soon again in the Mommy and Me Yoga classes! Have a magnificent week! Franzi Herman, Norwalk CT (Birthed in Greenwich Hospital)

Becky from Darien CT prepared for her natural hospital birth in Westport at HypnoBirthing of CT.

Hi Cynthia!  We welcomed Everett Welty Lewis on August 9th, weighing in at 8 lbs. 2 oz. This birth went even better than the last! Because of your fabulous childbirth classes in Stamford, I felt completely in control and was able to have the birth experience that I had wished for the first time around (no Pitocin was involved this time around!). I was so focused and never even considered having any sort of pain relief. At one point, during the late stage of labor my husband told me he thought that I was asleep because I was so calm in between the surges. I have recommended your class to all of my friends because I feel like you are so full of knowledge and really empower people to take back the birth experience. The doctor that assisted my doctor during my labor came to see me the day after I delivered. She said I should be the poster girl for labor and delivery. Labor lasted a total of 4 hours and we met our second son! We are in love! Thank you so much again for all of your knowledge and keep up the wonderful work!  – Becky Dolcetti Lewis, Darien CT (Birthed in Stamford Hospital)

Tara from Norwalk took childbirth classes at HypnoBirthing of CT and birthed her baby naturally and easily in Norwalk Hospital.Cynthia, I just wanted to send you a huge THANK YOU!  I experienced a beautiful and what I believe to be an easier birth and I give the credit to the Hypnobirthing techniques I learned in your sessions.  Ike Axler arrived Thursday morning, January 5th at 7:36am, weighing in a little over 7 lbs even after carrying him for 41 weeks and 1 day!  I gave birth at Norwalk Hospital with the doctors from the Center for Women’s Care. I am extremely happy about my experience and their respect to give us the experience we desired. With each surge I was able to labor through, I gained more confidence. “Each one brought me closer to my baby.” is what I recited to myself at least a hundred times.  My surges were intense and without a break in between, constant.  Then my husband told me he loved me and how great I was doing.  What seemed like minutes later I started pushing and 25 minutes later, Ike arrived into my arms.  Thanks to Hypnobirthing and you, Cynthia, I delivered him naturally. Also thank you for opening up a door with access to strong women who believed in themselves and shared their positive stories.  – Tara Axler, Norwalk, CT (Birthed in Norwalk Hospital)

Katherine from Wilton birthed her baby quickly, naturally and easily in Stamford Hospital using HypnoBirthing. Her baby was born just 20 minutes after arriving in Stamford hospital!

Cynthia’s HypnoBirthing childbirth classes were engaging and fun, and she always honored where we were in our process. Cynthia’s passion, energy and devotion were inspiring and helped me to feel empowered to give birth completely naturally, and to trust in my body. Her class taught us not only about our minds and bodies, but also prepared us for what to expect at the hospital. She enabled us to make informed decisions in advance of the birth rather than feeling overwhelmed when the actual time came. Cynthia was always flexible and attentive to our needs. My birth was 3 hours from start to finish, and then we met our beautiful son. – Katherine Silvan, Wilton CT (Birthed Naturally in Stamford CT Hospital)

Hi Cynthia! I really can’t thank you enough for preparing me for, and helping me to achieve, the all natural birth of our 2nd daughter.  Eloise Joyce Ralph came into this world on April 8th.  Since I had a long labor with our first and ended up opting for the epidural at the 18th hour, I really didn’t think I could have the birth story that I am about to type…but HypnoBirthing really did work for me and Eloise’s birth was the most amazing experience! Andrew was amazed at how calm I was.  We arrived at Norwalk Hospital around 4:45 am. I focused and breathed through each surge, trying to take one at a time. I had to tune everyone out, and just kept repeating the same affirmations over and over again in my head:  “My body was designed to give birth.” My doctor was so incredibly respectful of my birth plan and knew that I had requested no cervical checks. Soon I was feeling a ton of pressure and had to push. My body naturally pushed on the next surge and I felt Eloise move down the birth path. My doctor quickly did a check and I could hear him say, “She’s at a +2, +3, +4, and whoa, you’re going to pass her head on the next push!”. With the next surge I birthed Eloise’s head, just a little over 3 hours after arriving at the hospital and in just 3 pushes! She was placed back on my chest and naturally rooted and breastfed for the first time. It was magical – the whole experience – and I feel incredibly blessed to have had it go so well. Big sister Adalyn is doing great and we are just over the moon! – Alexandra Ralph, New Canaan CT (Norwalk Hospital with Dr. Ugol of Women’s Healthcare of New England)

Kathleen from Stamford CT attended Cynthia Overgard's childbirth education course in Westport CT.HypnoBirthing classes in Connecticut with Cynthia Overgard provided the techniques, personal attention and emotional support I was hoping for in preparing for as natural a birth as possible. And, I did it! Hypnobirthing educated my husband and me on alternatives to today’s conventional medical practices, especially in choosing to birth at a hospital. I was empowered to recognize my choices and felt in control, safe and confident to voice my desires. Given the various birthing methods and personal anecdotes provided by Cynthia in her childbirth course, I built a tool box from which I drew upon and put to use in preparation for labor and during the moments of labor that arose, shifted and passed. I was keenly aware of the need to release and surrender, listening attentively to the interchange of my body and mind and trusting that my baby was leading the journey. – Kathleen Freis, birthed with HypnoBirthing in Stamford CT (Birthed in Stamford Hospital)

Julie from Westchester prepared for childbirth at HypnoBirthing of Connecticut in Westport.Cynthia is extremely passionate about her work and truly cares about each and every woman. She has conducted extensive research and is particularly knowledgeable about the medical system and family health. Her personal stories were very inspiring. Wonderful! Why don’t more women know about this? This was the best investment I made for my health and my birthing. Before I took this childbirth course in Westport, I was terrified of giving birth. Although the birth didn’t happen as planned, before I took your course, I was terrified of giving birth. Cynthia, thank you again for an amazing experience. – Julie Relevant, Hartsdale, NY (Birthed in Greenwich Hospital)

Cynthia, I want to thank you for a great class. You are an amazing teacher and person. Your heart is huge. I learned so much in those 12 hours and I want to thank you for everything. — Marisa Jonason, Greenwich CT (Birthed in Greenwich Hospital)

Hypnobaby Thali born naturally in just two hours!Cynthia, I am writing because I want to credit your HypnoBirthing techniques to another fast (2 hrs!) and all natural birth. The interesting thing is that I experienced first-hand the difference in how a surge feels when listening to the meditation CD and focusing versus not listening to the CD and not focusing: There was a moment when I had to make a phone call and turned off the CD, and that next surge was entirely more difficult than the ones I felt whilst focusing on my relaxation. I am thus even more convinced that this ‘meditation’ really helps birthing. Thali was born just last week, and weighed 8 lbs 1 oz.  Thank you!  Samira Siskind, Stamford CT (Birthed in Norwalk Hospital with the Midwives)

Lindsey from Pound Ridge, NY, chose HypnoBirthing of CT for natural childbirth education. Her baby was born naturally with a doula and OB in Stamford hospital. In the adjacent room, another woman from her HypnoBirthing class was also birthing her baby natrually!Cynthia’s HypnoBirthing childbirth class in Stamford was very effective at helping me to release my emotional anxiety and giving me the confidence I needed in order to choose a natural birth. Cynthia is very caring and well-informed,and went out of her way to support us by being very accessible in all ways. Even though we were concerned about birthing in a facility with a high C-section rate, our HypnoBirthing tools and information really taught us how to remain in control of events in the delivery room. We ended up with the birthing experience we wanted because we were so prepared. Because of this, Cynthia was among the first people we called from the hospital to share in our joy after naturally birthing our beautiful daughter. – Lindsey Defillipis, Pound Ridge NY (Birthed naturally at Stamford CT Hospital)

Jill from Westchester prepared for her natural birth at HypnoBirthing of CT with Cynthia Overgard.Cynthia, you have been on my mind every day the last few weeks as I have been trying to set aside some time to tell you about the birth of Baby Miles! Miles Lewis Geller was born at 12:33am on May 27th.  Labor was a 40 (!) hour affair. We went to Greenwich Hospital around 4am on Thursday morning to find out that I was just 2 centimeters. We decided to return home to continue with the labor. It was about 10am and Noah he took charge reminding me of all the HypnoBirthing techniques we had worked on. We kept the Rainbow Relaxation CD on repeat on my iPhone all day and while Silvie helped to rub my back and feet, Noah coached me through the contractions, in between which I seemed to fall asleep sometimes! We returned to the hospital around 5pm Thursday evening- and I was SEVEN centimeters.  Both Noah and I began to cry! The staff at the hospital honored our wishes by leaving us completely alone to labor, except to check the baby’s heart rate every half hour. As the night went on, and I was told to report when I felt the urge to push. And by 12:33, Miles emerged healthy and strong! The nurses we worked with at the hospital said she couldn’t believe how quiet and calm I seemed. I look back on the event and feel so proud of myself and Noah for making the choice to experience this birth naturally. We were both so present and IN it.  It was amazing. I am so happy with how it all turned out. I do feel very proud of myself and of Noah.  It was an incredible experience for us both together and as individuals. While I do feel lucky that it happened as it did, I also feel like I made it that way, and that’s an incredible feeling. I hope your classes continue to go strong. Thank you again for your support and enthusiasm. I am so grateful for your childbirth class and the support you were able to provide that gave us the knowledge and the confidence to have a natural childbirth in Greenwich hospital! – Jill Geller, Port Chester NY (Birthed in Greenwich Hospital)

Angelika from Stamford attended HypnoBirthing of CT's classes in Westport.Cynthia was exactly the kind of HypnoBirthing childbirth instructor we were looking for when it came to childbirth education classes. We had already been sold on the Hypnobirthing approach from what we had read online and heard from friends. But when you take classes with Cynthia, you get much more than the Hypnobirthing curriculum. Cynthia has years of knowledge and research behind her, which she shares with her students along the way. From factoids, to tips, to surprising discoveries, my husband and I learned so much from her–and much of it was information we would not have found ourselves! Equally important, Cynthia’s emotional support and confidence-boosting helped strengthen us through certain challenging situations that we encountered along the way in our pregnancy and labor. I continue to highly recommend Cynthia to my friends, strangers, my hair dresser, anyone who dreams of having a natural birth!   – Angelika Schlanger, Stamford CT (Birthed in Stamford Hospital)

Mia from Stamford birthed in Greenwich Hospital after takign childbirth education classes at HypnoBirthing of CTI had a good experience with the Putnam Gynecology Group and had a very calm labor experience. I had a few friends who had C-sections with them and that made me a little nervous but it was not my personal experience. The birth plan and the education in your HypnoBirthing class was very helpful and gave me more confidence to handle any situation that could have occurred during my labor.  You  are a wonderful teacher and helped me to have an enjoyable and calm birth. My son is very calm and hardly ever cries unless he is very hungry and I do believe his birthing experience had something to do with that!  – Mia Wallack, Stamford CT (Birthed in Greenwich Hospital)

Emily prepared for her first natural birth at HypnoBirthing of CT. For her second baby 2 years later, Emily attended HBCT's Breastfeeding Workshop and Birth Story Gatherings.Cynthia, our birth was an amazing experience. I was so relaxed that I napped for 3 hours during my surges. The nurses were shocked when they observed strong surges on the monitor while I rested peacefully. One kept asking what my pain level was until I threw her out and ordered no one to enter the birthing room except the midwife. 🙂 The baby was birthed shortly after, in 2 hours. My natural birth left me energized and full of joy, as Leya nursed contently. Victor and I loved the entire process, it brought us closer. Thank you so much! – Emily Chen, Westport CT (Birthed in Norwalk CT hospital)

Rhonda Trust from Fairfield came to HypnoBirthing of Connecticut to prepare for natural childbirth. Both of her boys were born using the techniques she learned in Cynthia Overgard's class.Cynthia was always on time, respectful, knowledgeable, encouraging, and positive. We will just miss this class so much!  Post-Birth Update: Cynthia! Since we spoke last I had baby boy Ezra Cooper! He was born completely naturally and pain free using all of the Hypnobirthing techniques I learned from your childbirth classes in Stamford!! I had a wonderful experience with the midwives at Norwalk Hospital, and was smiling and laughing through my beautiful labor! 🙂 – Rhonda Trust (Fairfield CT, Birthed with Norwalk CT Midwives)

Madeleine birthed her daughter naturally in Norwalk Hospital after completing our 12-hour HypnoBirthing course in Westport.We were so fortunate to have worked with Cynthia and to be a part of the HypnoBirthing of CT community. Cynthia is well informed and very helpful. Her stories and personal experiences make the sessions fun and interactive. Classes were well organized, on schedule and Cynthia kept enough snacks to keep us all hydrated and nourished. I have no improvements to recommend whatsoever. I can’t recommend this course highly enough. Even though I was induced with Pitocin, I was able to stay focused and grounded to give birth without an epidural using the techniques Cynthia taught us. It was very empowering. Thank you, thank you!!” – Madeleine Corliss, Norwalk CT (Birthed with the midwives at Norwalk Hospital)

Carrie from Stratford had a birth free of pain medication in Norwalk Hospital despite being induced with Pitocin. She later became one of the speakers at a HypnoBirthing of CT Birth Story Gathering. Cynthia, my birth did not go as originally planned. I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia at my 36 week appointment. All of a sudden my plans of a minimal to non-intervention birth went out the window in the interest of my and my baby’s health. They decided to induce me on February 28th (37 weeks and 1 day). Following the release of my membranes, the surges became far more intense, and since I was being induced, constant monitoring of the baby was required. With the breathing and visualization techniques (along with the Rainbow Relaxation hypnosis), I was able to focus that intensity in birthing my baby. After pushing for 1.5hours, Charlotte was born at 11:32pm. She weighed 7lbs7oz and was 19.5 inches long. I really felt like I was an active participant the whole time, and when I think back on everything, I feel very proud and satisfied with how things went. I know that without my caring practitioners, I would have had a C-section. Even with special circumstances, you can still have a perfect birth free of unnecessary interventions and medications. Even with the initial interventions, I never felt like I like I lost control of my birth. They placed her immediately on my chest, and we actually spent almost an hour bonding prior to them even checking her weight. Geoff and I were handed a difficult situation, and together along with HypnoBirthing we survived it. I truly believe that without your HypnoBirthing class, I would not have had the birth that I did. Thank you for the opportunity to meet such amazing women at the birth story gathering, too. I had such a wonderful afternoon with all of you! You and HypnoBirthing of Connecticut are truly a gift to this community! – Carrie Burr, Stratford CT (Birthed with the Midwives in Norwalk Hospital)

Samira raved about her quick and easy, natural birth in Norwalk hospital at a HypnoBirthing of CT Birth Story Gathering.I could not have hoped for a smoother and better birth and I am convinced that Cynthia Overgard’s class and the Hypnobirthing relaxation techniques were the main reason for the smooth, fast (~4 hrs) and fully natural birth of our baby, Noah. Due to Cynthia’s class I was well prepared in terms of what to expect from the birthing process, which allowed me to relax and focus instead of feeling out of control or fearful. I would strongly recommend Cynthia’s class. – Samira Siskind, Stamford CT (Birthed in Norwalk CT Hospital)

Cassen Brunetti from Fairfield CT prepared for natural childbirth at Cynthia Overgard's HypnoBirthing class. Both her babies were born naturally. During Cassen's second pregnancy in 2011, she attended the "refresher" HypnoBirthing class with Cynthia and the Breastfeeding Workshop as well.Cynthia, We are now proud parents of a healthy beautiful daughter, Ella Cassen Brunetti. We had a beautiful birthing experience and a lot is due to you and hypnobirthing. Thank you for all your advice and teachings. We delivered at Norwalk Hospital and had a wonderful experience there with the staff and facility. Our nurse was very supportive of a natural birth even though she does not see many of them. The day after delivery she came to visit us and told us how beautiful and refreshing our birth was. She said she would have loved to have that video taped because that’s how all births should be…I was very appreciative of her compliments. I had told her I had been preparing for it by practicing the hypnobirthing methods, and she was impressed to say the least. My doctor even told me that my birth experience reminded her why she had gone into OB. It was all in all the most beautiful experience I’ve ever had! Thanks for your advice with everything. – Cassen Brunetti, Fairfield CT (Birthed in Norwalk CT Hospital)

Jen was 1 of 13 women who came to HypnoBirthing of CT in 2011 to prepare for a natural VBAC. All 13 women did indeed have the natural VBACs they longed for.Cynthia, My water broke at 2:30AM on November 6th and some contractions started, but then stopped.  Since I’m a VBAC mommy, my midwife (Sara) suggested castor oil to try to get things started, so we could try to avoid Pitocin and another C-section.  I had a few more contractions on my way to the hospital after taking that.  Then Sara suggested inserting a Foley bulb catheter that fills with water to dilate my cervix to try to get things moving without medicine.  I continued to have contractions.  I was told that when it came out (up to 12 hrs later), I would be 3-4 cm dilated.  They checked my vitals every 2 hours and every time they came to check, I was surprised another two hours had gone by.   Contractions started to come pretty close together and some seemed to last for quite a long time.  I was exhausted (partially due to almost no sleep the night before).  I began to doubt myself and wondered if I would be able to make it through without any medication.  Around 11 or so, I suddenly felt the urge to push and out came the bubble, so it was assumed that I was now 3-4 cm dilated.  I was feeling the urge to push again.  I couldn’t understand why, so she checked me and said I was about 7 cm and 100% effaced.  Everything after that started to happen so quickly.  I had contraction after contraction and kept feeling the urge to push.  I pushed for about an hour and seriously wondered if I would have the energy to keep going.  It was hard work.  I was exhausted. Seeing Sara get everything ready was so encouraging though!  I couldn’t believe it when he actually came out on my next push.  They put him right on my belly (where we saw for ourselves that he was a boy!) and then I was able to hold him close for hours.  After he was born, my husband Rob made a comment about how we avoided a C-section.  It suddenly hit me then that I actually got the drug-free VBAC that I wanted!  I was so proud of myself and Rob told me he was really impressed with how I did.  So, Jonathan Cameron was born at 1:11 AM (only about 2 hours after I was only 3-4 cm dilated!) on 11/7/11, weighing 7 lbs. 14 oz. Sara was incredible and I’m so glad she was there with me.  I often look back on my birth with such pride and happiness about what I accomplished.  Cynthia, Thank you so much for teaching us how wonderful the whole process can be and for encouraging us to make informed decisions to get the birth we want.  I really feel the need to shout from the rooftops about my experience and want all women to know that it’s not supposed to be like it is on A Baby Story.  I think everyone should take your class!  I really can’t thank you enough! – Jen Klemm, Norwalk CT (Birthed with Norwalk Midwives)

Cynthia, it was a very easy and fast labor. I arrived at Norwalk Hospital at 7:00 am and at 10:40 am she was born! Your Hypnobirthing classes in Stamford CT were very useful. Thank you so much for your help! – Adriana S., Stamford CT (Birthed in Norwalk CT Hospital)

Ashleigh from Darien met her now-best-friend in Cynthia Overgard's HypnoBirthing class.Cynthia is a great instructor. She is a very good speaker, organized, interesting and engaging. I appreciate her conversational approach, her anecdotes and her knowledge. She is obviously very connected with the subject matter and I feel like we gained so much from her insights. I would recommend Cynthia to any friends interested in natural, unmedicated childbirth. She is a great resource well beyond the classroom, and I feel very fortunate that we found her! – Ashleigh Radar, Darien CT (Birthed in Norwalk Hospital)

Hi Cynthia! Balaji and I welcomed our baby boy, Akshay Konark, on November 1st at 6:49am! I wanted to share my birth story with you because it was such a wonderful and positive birthing experience and it’s all thanks to you and your class! On October 31st, I woke up with more back pain than usual but I figured this was what the last couple of weeks would be like so I brushed it off. Around 11:15pm, I decided to go into child’s pose because I always found that that pose felt good during my pregnancy. As soon as I did, my membranes released. I was actually glad because I knew this was real labor! It got me into action mode instead of wondering whether or not it was time. I had made a birthing playlist and just listened to that the whole time in the car ride – I sang along while I could and did the slow breaths when the surges came. I was totally in the zone and had no concept of time – the time just flew by. Sara (my midwife) checked me and I was already 4cm and the baby was at “0 station.” I was so relieved to hear that because my mom ended up with c-sections because neither of us “dropped” below -2 station. Baby was getting ready and so was I! I found a spot on the wall to go to during each surge, leaned against the wall and did my slow breath while my husband used counter pressure on my lower back/hips. Sometimes I didn’t make it to that spot in time for the surge and I’d start to come out of my relaxed mode but my husband would help me back and remind me to do my breathing. He was amazingly supportive during my labor – he really kept me centered and relaxed throughout the whole experience. Over the next 4 hours while I was in labor, we used a birthing ball and a hot shower – both of those were AMAZING! and since it was the middle of the night and I was so calm and relaxed, I actually fell asleep in between surges while on the birthing ball. I was that relaxed! After the shower, it was almost 6am and I had started to feel the urge to push. I remember looking at the clock at that time and was shocked that 4 hours had already gone by. I had no concept of time during labor! I was 10 cm but not yet 100% effaced so Sara had me go through a few more surges before pushing. Once it was time to push, I was so excited. The surges were pretty much constant at that point, so pushing felt so much better! Plus, I knew that meant that it was almost time to meet our baby! I kept talking to baby during the end of the surge phase and into the pushing phase – telling him it was time to come on out and meet us and how excited we were to meet him (or her – at that point we didn’t know we were having a boy!). I used the squatting bar to push which was absolutely perfect for me. It really helped me to push and keep my hips open. I pushed for about 30 minutes and at 6:49am, Akshay made his debut! He was 7lb 7oz and 21.5 inches. I knew he’d be tall because – throughout my third trimester, I could feel his butt on one side and feet on the other side of my belly, like he was stretching out his legs 24 hours a day! And he does that now, too! Thank you so much, Cynthia, for all your help with everything. Your class really opened our eyes to the kind of happy, calm birth that was possible. And thank you SO much for helping me switch practitioners. I had such a wonderful experience birthing in Norwalk hospital with the midwives. Sara was absolutely wonderful – very hands-off but attentive at the same time. She was just what I needed. Between her and my husband, I had such a wonderful, supportive team to help me through my labor. Akshay’s birth was the most intensely happy moment of my life – one I will never forget and one I never want to forget! Thank you again – I couldn’t have done it without you or your class. I’ve attached a couple of pictures for you – one of me while I was in labor and one of the three of us a few hours after Akshay was born! Feel free to share any part of this. I feel like telling everyone I know because it was such an amazing experience! – Archana Venkataraman, in Stamford CT (Birthed with Midwives in Norwalk Hospital)

Hi Cynthia! I’m so sorry it took so long to get this to you but I can’t say how thankful I am that I stumbled upon Hypnobirthing of CT when I was pregnant!  I always wanted a birth with no pain meds but after speaking with you and taking your class, I was fully committed to having a natural childbirth.  Thanks to you, I was able to achieve just that on April 7th, when our son, Ryan James Brozek, came into the world!  He was born at 4:39 am, weighing 7 lbs 7 oz and 20 inches long.  What a day it was!  On Saturday, April 6th, I decided that I was going to walk as much as I possibly could that day to try to and coax our little one to come out.  I was already over a week past my due and date and my doctors were asking me to schedule an induction.  That day I think I ended up walking about 6 miles and by 7:30pm that night I was pretty disappointed since I felt nothing!  After meeting a friend at a restaurant down the street, I ended up leaving by 9:30pm since I was feeling slightly uncomfortable but thought it was from sitting on a stool.  When I got home I decided to relax on the couch and at 10:30pm I heard a pop and felt a kick.  Rushing to the bathroom, I discovered that my membranes had released.  I told my husband who rushed upstairs but was disappointed when I told him we didn’t have to go to hospital yet!  After calling Betsy, our doula, she told me to try and get as much sleep as I could so I decided to take a shower to try and relax.  Once I was done showering, the surges began.  Gregg brought my birthing ball upstairs and I began to breathe through each surge.  After about 3 of them, I realized that they were only 3 minutes apart so I had Gregg call the doctor who advised us to come to the hospital.  He then called Betsy to let her know what was happening and that she should just meet us at the hospital.  When we arrived at the hospital, I was about 3 ½ cms dilated.  I got into the bed and began breathing through each surge while listening to my compilation of music on my Ipod.  To be very honest, once I started breathing, I went into my own little world.  It was quite amazing!  I do remember that we provided the nurses with our birth plan when we arrived and Gregg/Betsy were vocal with the staff about our desires.  They did request that I have a hep lock for precautionary purposes which I was ok with.  All was going quite smoothly until I reached 6cm.  At this point, Ryan decided that he wanted out and was really making me feel the urge to “breathe him down”.  I couldn’t control it and after a bit, the nurse told me if I wasn’t able to get it under control, I was going to have to get a c-section.  That was all I needed to hear!  After standing, holding onto Betsy’s shoulders and swaying my hips, I was finally able to get control of the urge.  As soon as I did I went from 6 to 10 cms so quickly that my doctor actually came running back into the delivery room.  I climbed back into the bed and prepared myself for delivery.  40 minutes later, Ryan James Brozek came into the world with his sweet little hand on his cheek, (I think its called a nuchal hand?) which caused some minor tearing.  Ryan was immediately put on my chest and it was the most amazing feeling!  They did wait, as we asked, for the cutting of the cord but to my dismay, I found out that they had actually clamped it off soon after Ryan was born.  However, all other requests were followed.  I never would have thought that I could have this type of birth, let alone in a hospital but it truly was an amazing experience and one I will never forget.  Later that morning, I was the talk of the floor with all the nurses coming in to tell me how impressed they were that I didn’t get any pain meds.  Definitely an unusual thing at Greenwich hospital!  Thank you Cynthia for helping to make this experience the most incredible and emotional experience I have ever had! Our heartfelt thanks – Kelly, Gregg & Ryan Brozek in Stamford, CT (experienced HypnoBirthing in Greenwich Hospital)

Erin had aVBAC using HypnoBirthing in Norwalk HospitalDear Cynthia – I am finally sending you my birth story. My family thanks you so much for your knowledge and support during a very special time. Our baby girl arrived via VBAC!  Her name is Lennie Sandra Otelia Hunter.  When we got settled into Norwalk Hospital I was at 6cm. The surges were pretty intense and it continued for what felt like all day. I focused on my breathing, which of course was key. By about 6am I was 9cm but this period was a really long haul. Super challenging surges and I was doubting myself. The midwife Sarah and nurse Karen who took over the early shift reassured me, along with my continued support from Angelo and my mom. I have done collegiate gymnastics, triathlons, adventure races and a c-section – but natural childbirth is by far the most difficult feat for me and the most rewarding. After a half hour of pushing in any position I could get myself in, at 7lbs 6oz, 21 in. the most beautiful little being was born at 8:16am. Big brother Cassius loves his baby sister Lennie! My son Cassius was 6 lbs 13oz, 19.5 in. My doctor would not have allowed me to vaginally deliver Lennie because she was bigger than Cassius. BUT I DID IT!!!  Thanks again for everything! – Erin Hunter, Norwalk CT (Birthed in Norwalk Hospital with the Midwives)