What Dads are Saying about HypnoBirthing of Connecticut

It’s 2:00am now. Kelcey Kirik-King and baby Paxton are both the most amazing individuals and team that I know.  Our little boy entered this world into mommy’s arms withoit any drugs or intervention after 20 hours of beautiful labor at 9:16pm on 4/16/13 and has been the most wonderfully calm and peaceful partner during this process. I swear he must have been listening in on all of our hypnobirthing classes!!! I can not even begin to tell you all how essential Cynthia’s HypnoBirthing education, techniques, and affirmations were during our birth. I am forever thankful and forever in awe that we we able to bring Paxton into this world in such a peaceful environment. – Shenton King, Bridgeport CT (HypnoBirthing in Norwalk Hospital with Dr. Goldbery of the Avery Center in Westport)

 Cynthia, we took your HypnoBirthing class 6 months ago, and I can honestly say that you’ve changed our lives forever. While the birth didn’t always go exactly as planned, you empowered us with the knowledge to fight for the experience that we wanted, every step of the way. You gave us a voice in the birthing process; in a country where we’re taught to blindly follow medical advice without question. Thank you for being brave enough to stand up to conventional ways, and for teaching us how to get our dignity back in an often demeaning and dehumanizing process. I’ll never forget what you’ve done for us, and I hope you can reach many more people in the coming years. You’re a gift from the universe (and so are your homemade breads!). – Mike Ginicola, West Haven, CT

Cynthia, this is long overdue but I wanted you to know along with any fathers-to-be how beneficial I found your class.  I will always remember our first class – probably because it was the last thing I wanted to do. Bare with me.  I remember that I had to cancel on a boys’ weekend and was going to miss a Yankee game because they conflicted with your first class.  Most of my friends spent a couple of hours in hospital birthing classes and told me how awful they were.  So there I was, arms folded and completely resistant to hypnobirthing.  And then it happened.  Within 30 minutes of your class I realized it was up to me and my wife to define this moment – not conventional wisdom and “TV” births.  I’m more of a handshake guy but the hug I gave you after our first class was my thanks for opening my eyes and allowing me to look at birthing in a whole new light.  Thank you so much Cynthia. Best, PJ MeElroy, Stamford CT (HypnoBirthing in Bridgeport Hospital with Dr. Ronika Choudhary)

Cynthia, I can’t say enough about everything you have done for us. Prior to signing up for your Hypnobirthing class, I thought it would be a basic birthing class – but it was so much more. Cynthia, you truly care about your students. Your passion for creating a positive birth experience for your couples is so inspiring. We were devastated when the doctors decided, on our due date, that Kate had too much fluid and that our baby was too big, and that Kate would need a C-section even though the baby and Kate were both healthy. You were the first person we called after finding out that news.  And you dropped everything for us, and took time out of your day to calm us down and help us understand our options. Thanks to you, Cynthia, we were properly educated about birth and we knew that we had choices. You then put us in touch with Nancy Wainer, which was such an honor.  We met with Nancy, and you remained so supportive and knowledgeable about both homebirth and C-sections. You were  able to help us weigh the options, which led us to making our own decision, and one we were finally at peace with.  We were already past our baby’s due date when we changed our birth plan to a home birth.  You really set my mind at ease. Our healthy baby boy Cole was delivered at home 15 days after Kate’s “due date”.  Before meeting you, Cynthia, I was scared of birth and figured the only place to have a baby would be the hospital. You taught me so much about what birth truly is and gave me the confidence to consider Kate’s wish for a homebirth when the medical community was recommending a C-section. Our birth would not have been the same had we never met you. You are the reason Kate did not end up with an unnecessary C-section. Cynthia, you went above and beyond what most other people would do in the same situation.  Meeting you has really changed our lives and we are so grateful for everything that you have done for us. We can’t thank you enough.  -Ryan Andrew, Mansfield CT (Home Birth with Nancy Wainer)

My wife and I took Cynthia’s HypnoBirthing course two years ago, and feel it is no exaggeration to say the positive effects are still being felt in our lives today. Cynthia has a truly rare and remarkable gift for conveying the techniques of HypnoBirthing, which proved so powerful and beneficial for us through both of our son’s births. Her impassioned, caring, fun approach made all the difference in helping us learn to apply this method to achieve a beautiful, peaceful birth. – Eric Daure, HypnoBirthing in Stamford CT

I’m so thankful for you, your spirit, and your insight, Cynthia. I cannot even begin to thank you for bringing HypnoBirthing to our lives. The whole process has really made this experience magical. I wonder who has gained more from HypnoBirthing….me or my wife?! LOL! The midwife is at our house right now…I was just listening in via speaker phone during the exam (I’m at the office). Baby is head-down and has dropped into her pelvis. Heartbeat is perfect. SOOOOOOOO EXCITING! Thank you, Cynthia, so much…I’m forever grateful for your inspiration. If it were not for you, we would not be in this perfect space right now Peace and love, Greg.  Post-Birth Update: Thank you so much for making the journey to our home birth, Cynthia. I know Rhei C. really wants to reach out…so allow me to send her love for now and from the bottom of my heart, for all that you have given and shared with us. What a journey! Much love to you, Cynthia. Greg Bura, Newtown CT

Cynthia, I’m writing you tonight to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful job you did coaching us  through the hypnobirthing class.  Over my career I’ve had the ability to have many of the world’s foremost coaches in my profession.  I can say I would sincerely rank you amongst them, as you come from a place of such passion and knowledge.  My wife and I are blessed to have known going into your class exactly how we wanted to give birth and with whom (at home with our midwife). However, what your class taught us was how to firm up all of the loose edges in our birth plan.  You have given both my wife and I the fortitude to have the birth that we dreamed of. I believe that the process of bringing a baby into this world is the most important function that any of us can play and I believe, with your help, your students will get it right. Thank you again. – Dr. Damian Ortelli, HypnoBirthing in Stamford CT (Home Birth with Joni Stone)

Cynthia, I just want to say that I really enjoyed your class. It’s great to know that there are people out there to teach women and their birth partners about ALL of the options and opportunities that you could have when going through the birth process.  Especially since it’s a confusing world out there when it comes to birthing!  I hope that you and your family are doing well and that we can see you again one of these days…like the birth of our child! 🙂 –  Joe Beninanti, Stamford CT (Home Birth)

We absolutely loved Cynthia’s HypnoBirthing of CT childbirth class and found it so incredibly helpful on so many levels. Cynthia, I feel like we are on an entirely new “confidence level” with respect to birthing and parenting.   — Will and Stephanie Kelly, Newtown CT (Birthed in Danbury Hospital)


Cynthia, I just wanted to say that I was truly overwhelmed by the first class. I wasn’t prepared for this utterly breathtaking new perspective. Rarely do I encounter a concept that overturns conventional wisdom so decidedly and with such force. And you present it in such a clear, well intentioned, passionate and honest manner. I’m honored to be taking this workshop. We are both excited by your energy and dedication, and of course the terrific content. Dana and I came out of that first class with a new sense of confidence. I think you mentioned that the doctor in that film was heroic. I wholeheartedly agree and I think you are heroic, too. What an amazing gift this is! I wish every pregnant woman could take your workshop. Thank you. –  Email received by a Dad after the first class session.

Hi Cynthia, We wanted to send you our news! Ava Rose was born at home on July 6, 2011 at 10:36am. She was born at 6lbs, a little peanut, but is already 8 and a half. The labor was about 11 hours, and we were able to implement hypnobirthing into the process. There was nothing more special than to be able to do it at home. There were times where labor would slow just a tad, and Melina would go back to the CD and get right back in the zone. Although at first Melina wasn’t 100% all about the home birth, she was a rock star and says there is no way she would have done it any differently. We want to thank you so much for having a contribution to our beautiful birth. Please feel free to use our story or use us as a resource if anyone has questions about a home birth. I am so glad to see you continue to touch so many people’s lives with your class and can have such a positive impact on the most beautiful times in people’s lives.  — Keith and Melina Mirante (Home Birth in Meriden, CT)

My wife Sandy and I took Cynthia’s class earlier this year prior to the birth of our first child, Emma. I was a little skeptical of Hypnobirthing at first, but after spending 2 weekends with Cynthia and the other couples, and experiencing the natural birth of our daughter Emma at home in August, I am a believer. Up until about 28 weeks into our pregnancy, we were planning on a “normal” birth with an OB in the hospital, and were following whatever direction the doctors gave us. Through Cynthia’s class, we learned we had options – many of them (who knew!?) – and also learned how natural birthing can be – how what we consider “normal” in the US really isn’t normal or natural at all. We shifted gears entirely, found a wonderful midwife (courtesy of Cynthia!), dropped our OB/GYN practice, and ended up having a drug-free, natural water-birth in the comfort of our own home. As a husband and father, I can tell you that it was the most amazing experience, and both my wife and I would do it again in a heartbeat. The birthing process definitely required work (mostly for my wife), but I felt so well educated and prepared that I was there to help her every step of the way. And following the techniques learned in class, my wife made labor and birth look easy. Three days after giving birth, she was already talking about having a second! My recommendation to any couple pregnant right now – get educated, get empowered, take Cynthia’s class and learn about child birth from a whole different perspective. It will definitely open your eyes and change your thinking. Thanks Cynthia for helping us to make our daughter Emma’s birth such a beautiful and personal experience for both me and Sandy!  – Mark Beyerly, Fairfield CT (Home Birth / Waterbirth in Fairfield CT)

It’s now the beginning of 2012 and I’ve been bragging about the birth of our baby girl for over a month now.  I will admit, I approached Cynthia’s hypnobirthing class with some skepticism at first.  However, I think Cynthia does a great job getting couples really comfortable with the birthing process and nature’s role in it.  There were some concepts that just resonated with us.  The birth of our daughter, from the moment we entered the hospital to the first feeding, was a truly an amazing experience.  While my wife Melissa gets all the credit, I do need to tip my hat to Cynthia.  We both felt comfortable and prepared, which allowed us to just soak it in.  – Justin Whitehead, Fairfield CT (Natural Birth in Bridgeport Hospital)

As a husband, I learned so much invaluable knowledge and wisdom from Cynthia’s hypnobirthing class. The class taught so much more than I could have ever imagined and set a tone for our pregnancy grounded in spirit and self-worth. I was empowered by the experience to set the proper stage for our baby’s arrival both physically and mentally, and require that all involved feel the same way. Above all, the course reminded me that a new birth encompasses the complete essence of life itself, and should be treated as a sacred event. – Randy Funke, Norwalk CT

This was the most valuable course I’ve ever taken. It may sound like hyperbole, but it was truly inspiring. We thank Ms. Mongan for creating HypnoBirthing and we think Cynthia as a HypnoBirthing instructor is heroic. Cynthia was an amazing instructor. She was thoughtful, thorough, patient and a wealth of information. – Berl Kaufman (Westchester, NY)

Hypnobirthing of CT with Cynthia opened my eyes to how a baby should be brought into this world. – Jim Stasi (Home Birth VBAC in Stamford CT with midwife Martha Roth)



Cynthia, speaking as a husband, your classes on Hypnobirthing are invaluable and fun. You helped us both relax about the birthing process. The knowledge we gained empowered us to seek the birth we wanted. The environment at the classes was perfect; I liked hearing from other couples (and husbands) about how their pregnancy was progressing. Now, my wife and I understand the options available, and I understand how I can best support her before and during the delivery. And for those other husbands out there, the food at breaks was great! 😉 – Jason Stowe (Home Birth in Greenwich CT with Midwife Joni Stone)

At first I was quite skeptical about the concept of Hypnobirthing – I assumed it might be too flower-power or something…but after reading the book and seeing how it transformed my wife’s confidence and then our birth experience, I can only recommend it. HypnoBirthing combined with a great doula made all the difference for us and allowed us to have a fully natural birth (no epidural or pain-relievers) despite my wife having to endure 13 hours of labor on Pitocin followed by nearly 4 hours of intense pushing. But our unborn son and Gina remained so calm throughout the whole process and had a steady heartbeat so there where never any panic,  screaming – just the HypnoBirthing CD or classical music playing in the background.  I am confident that had it not been for Cynthia’s HypnoBirthing of CT class, we would have ended up with a C-section.  – Henrik Hansen, Stamford CT

Before I took Cynthia’s class I had no idea how to support my wife in labor. Cynthia’s class at HypnoBirthing of Connecticut taught me practical ways to be actively involved in the birth of my sons.  I loved all the scientific research and data Cynthia presented, because it made making informed decisions about cord banking and circumcision so much easier for us. – Alex Orthner, Newtown CT (Baby was born in Danbury birthing center)

When my wife told me that she would like us to take Cynthia’s class at HypnoBirthing of Connecticut, I thought; What is HypnoBirthing and why do I need to learn HypnoBirthing techniques if I’m not the one giving birth? The truth is, the class is much more than HypnoBirthing or what you expect from a childbirth education class. Cynthia teaches and explains your birthing options with real-like examples of her other couples, and gives you the information to choose what is right for you and your family.  She also showed very positive birth videos.  You will find yourself really questioning why the birth experience is so important for the baby (and the mom), so the family can look back on everything as a happy experience.  I feel Cynthia showed us how to have a humanized birth, and how the father can enjoy his own role and contribute by being attentive and supportive to the mother in the ways she needs.  During the course I ended up changing my view on childbirth, and ultimately I started understanding and supporting my wife’s decision to have a homebirth with our midwife, Vicki Hadley, and a doula.  A couple months after completing Cynthia’s class, our son Mateo was born at home and everything went as great as we had dreamed it would be.  – Matias Gormaz, Purchase NY

Cynthia’s class empowered us to choose the type of birth that WE wanted to have. The hypnobirthing relaxation techniques helped my wife immensely and allowed me to play a part in the birth. Practice, practice practice because it does work. – Rob Bogner, Stamford CT (Birthed in Danbury at CT Childbirth and Women’s Birthing Center)