Birth Doulas

What is a Birth Doula?

A birth doula is a professional trained in childbirth who provides emotional, physical and educational support to the birthing mother. The doula’s role is to help the birthing woman through a safe and empowering birthing experience.

A doula knows your legal rights in the birthing room and is prepared to discuss your choices throughout labor as they arise. Often a woman’s most reliable professional attendant, you can trust she will be at your birth even if your medical providers have a rotating staff. Your doula understands how to support both the mother and partner while respecting the intimacy of the family’s birthing experience.

Your Birth Doula…

✓ Recognizes childbirth is a transformative experience you will reflect on all your life;

✓ Understands the physiology of birth and your physical and emotional needs during labor;

✓ Helps you create and carry out your own personal birth plan;

✓ Is acquainted with the pros and cons of various medical interventions;

✓ Stays with you all throughout your labor;

✓ Provides nonjudgmental support and physical comfort measures;

✓ Facilitates communication when necessary between you and your medical care providers;

✓ Understands your partner also has rights and emotional needs that play a role in the overall satisfaction of your family’s birth experience;

✓ Has audited our course in full, and is prepared to support you through all the HypnoBirthing techniques you will learn at HypnoBirthing of Connecticut.

Birth Story Testimonials

Benefits of Hiring a Doula:

✓ Shorter labors with fewer complications

✓ Greater satisfaction with one’s birth experience

✓ Lower odds of having Pitocin, epidurals and cesareans

✓ Increased likelihood of a natural, unmedicated birth

✓ Greater breastfeeding success

✓ Lower incidence of postpartum depression

Why Do Women Hire a Doula?

Our birth doulas are intimately acquainted with HypnoBirthing of Connecticut (HBCT) and the HypnoBirthing® philosophy overall. This means your HBCT doula will be fully prepared to help you apply the breathing, visualization and relaxation tools you learned in class. She will also use HypnoBirthing® language, making it unnecessary for you to spend time “training” your doula in the HypnoBirthing® method.

All of our doulas regularly support our HypnoBirthing mothers, regardless of how and where they give birth. All of them are mothers themselves who find childbirth to be a beautiful and empowering experience. HBCT doulas respect that childbirth is a personal and unique experience. Therefore, you will be whole-heartedly nurtured and supported regardless of where you give birth, and regardless of whether you opt for a natural or medicated birth.

Our HypnoBirthing of CT doulas serve Westchester NY and Southern/Western Connecticut, including Fairfield, New Haven and Hartford.

You Will Receive:

✓ A free in-person consultation so you can be sure that your doula is the perfect match for you.

✓ At least one prenatal visit in your home to go over your birthing plan and help you to feel emotionally and logistically prepared for birth.

✓ Unlimited availability throughout your pregnancy to discuss your questions or concerns as they arise.

✓ 24-hour on-call access starting several weeks before your due date, in case you go into labor early.

✓ A back-up doula to guarantee you will be supported through birth in the very unlikely event your doula is already at another birth.

✓ Continuous support during active labor at your home and ultimately at your birthing facility.

Breastfeeding support for your baby’s first latch.

✓ A postpartum visit in your home to reflect on questions or emotions surrounding your birth, provide breastfeeding observation and to celebrate your baby’s arrival.

Meet the Doulas Who Support Our Couples

Robin Jones-Tropiano

Robin’s journey to becoming a birth professional started when her exceedingly exhausting first labor – induced at 39 weeks to ease the health provider’s busy schedule – resulted in an unnecessarily frustrating birth experience. At her second labor in 2003, she was determined to let her body and baby decide what to do when. Just four hours after birthing her healthy son, she went home energized and exhilarated. She wanted to encourage and support women so that they can experience positive labor and birth that is absolutely possible, and so worth it!

A DONA-certified birth doula, Robin lives in Katonah, New York, with her supportive family, including her husband, two children, and rescue dog. A former NYC-based arts & publishing communications executive, she adores the city and gets there as much as possible. You can find more information about Robin on her blog at

Ashley Ortelli

Ashleyhley’s journey to become a doula began while she was pregnant with her own son. She was fascinated by pregnancy and birth and knew she had to do something to get involved. Birthing her son naturally at home only strengthened her drive to help women to have the birth experience they desire.

Ashley is a DONA certified birth doula and a placenta encapsulation specialist. After a year and a half of attending births as a doula she decided to take her journey even farther by beginning training to become a home birth midwife. She has been trained to attend all types of births, from unmedicated births at home to scheduled cesarean sections in the hospital. She is a firm believer that every child deserves the right to be born on its own terms. Ashley lives in Ridgefield, CT with her husband, Damian, and her son, Renzo. You can learn more about Ashley at

Colleen Myatt

Colleen’s journey to become a doula began when her youngest child was heading into first grade. Becoming a doula resonated deeply within her from the start and she knew this was what she was meant to do. Since then she has immersed herself in her work and continuing education.

Colleen is a DONA certified birth and postpartum doula, certified lactation councelor and placenta encapsulation specialist. Colleen believes pregnancy is not inherently a medical condition, and that every woman should have a voice in how she labors and delivers her baby. She offers open-minded and enthusiastic support for all mothers and partners.

Colleen resides in Bethany CT with her husband and four children. You can learn more about Colleen at

Barbara Templeton

Barbara’s journey to become a doula began at a young age with her deep compassion for people – particularly those who were vulnerable. She studied Special Education while working with children in classrooms. Increasingly interested in the physical and mental toll on teachers, Barbara made teacher stress the focus of her Masters research, where she learned that stress leads to burnout causing many accomplished teachers to leave the field.

One evening Barbara attended a yoga class, and she discovered that yoga was her antidote. She is now a yoga teacher and birth doula, marveling at the relationship between yoga and birth. An intimacy develops between a woman, her body and those who are present as she births her baby. She believes that the combined support of a woman’s partner, a doula, and a competent, considerate and caring birthing team give a woman the best chance for a powerful and positive birth experience. As your doula, Barbara can be the calm and steady presence acting in your best interests. A certified birth doula with Doulas of North America (DONA), Barbara’s wish is that each woman experience a birth experience as rewarding and satisfying as possible. You can learn more about Barbara at

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