Join Us at the Next Open House

A safer, easier birth as you want to experience it.

Lydia with Torsten

“I’m sure you’ve changed many lives with your classes, Cynthia, and for changing mine I’m very grateful.” -Lydia, home birth in Fairfield

Join us at the open house and let Cynthia Overgard show you how HypnoBirthing couples are experiencing happier, safer, easier and more natural births.

You will leave with a clear understanding of how you can positively shape and influence the outcome of your own birth.

You’ll also understand how nature has designed childbirth to be inherently comfortable and safe for all mammals, so that the mother and baby can thrive in the bonding period immediately after the birth.

Whether you plan to birth in a hospital, home, or birth center, you can begin your relationship with your baby with more knowledge, awareness and confidence.

 At the HypnoBirthing of CT open house you will:

  • Learn the three things that will determine your birth outcome;
  • Discover why HypnoBirthing is so effective at helping women to achieve calmer, safer births; and
  • Find out the most important questions you can ask your obstetrician or midwife at your next prenatal visit.

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Call or Text: 203.952.7299