Breastfeeding Class


Join us for an empowering educational experience that will prepare you for a successful breastfeeding relationship right from birth. Learn how to establish a perfect latch; prevent common challenges and understand how certain interventions (e.g. IV during labor, pacifiers and nipple shields) can actually hinder breastfeeding despite that they’re cultural norms. Preempt common myths and misinformation you may hear from hospital staff or from pediatricians regarding jaundice, low glucose levels, milk supply and weight gain. You’ll leave this workshop with a binder of resources to keep and a strategy for working through challenges or getting support through your breastfeeding years.

Scroll down for detailed workshop agenda.

Next Class: Saturday, February 3, 2018 | 9:30 – Noon
(If we need to cancel due to inclement weather, the workshop will be held Sunday, February 4.)


Course topics include:

✓ The Stages of Lactation and video demonstration of a proper latch positioning;

✓ Anatomy of a baby’s stomach with description of how much food a newborn needs;

✓ Seven physiological challenges (e.g. clogged ducts, tongue-tie) and five medical/cultural interventions (e.g. IVs, pacifiers, boppies) that can have an effect breastfeeding;

✓ Oversupply: How and why to hand-express;

✓ Understanding hunger cues; and the importance of skin-to-skin contact;

✓ Colostrum, your milk coming in, and how your milk changes over time;

✓ How you can enjoy a glass of wine without ‘pumping & dumping’ your milk;

✓ Returning to work, your legal rights in the work place;

✓ Which Connecticut and New York hospitals have earned the “Baby-Friendly” designation;

✓ Using your own growth chart (provided at the workshop) for breast-fed babies, which may differ from growth charts used by your pediatrician;

✓ the three feeding solutions you can try before considering formula; the safest and healthiest formula on the market, and how to order it from Europe;

✓ A review of your binder of handouts.


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