Pumping & Storing Milk


Our comprehensive workshop for breastfeeding mothers who work outside of the home in CT or NY. Learn about your rights, managing and using pumped milk, maintaining supply while traveling and more. Babies welcome.

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Upcoming Class: Saturday, May 18, 2018 | 12:15– 2:00 p.m.


Course Outline:

Introduction – Benefits to Mom, Baby and Employer.

Preparing for your return to work: How to know when your breast pump ‘fits’ you well; overview of pump and accessories; creating a smooth transition for the baby.

Building your storage supply: Storage container options; freezing and fridging milk; establishing sufficient quantity.

The Return: Tips for pumping at work; maintaining supply while working; scheduling how, when and how much to pump during your work day; finding a location; methods of expression; packing the milk and sterilizing the equipment at work.

Communicating with your workplace: know your rights; what to tell them.

✓ Business trips: Traveling without your baby while maintaining milk supply; Also: Traveling with baby.

✓ Communicating with your childcare provider: educating them on the difference between handling/storing/feeding breastmilk vs. formula.

✓ Temperature of breastmilk.

✓ Whose property is breast milk anyway? When the law is on your side at work and during flight travel.

✓ Video Clip

✓ A review of your course handouts, including “Handling and Storage of Breastmilk”, “Tips for pumping/storing in the workplace”, etc.

All registrants receive a folder of materials on their rights, milk management, pumping/traveling tips, etc.

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