How Can Self-Hypnosis Help You During Labor?

Imagine childbirth without fear. Imagine a quiet mind as you gently relinquish to your birthing body. Imagine your baby coming through an easy, open passage and welcomed by a calm, relaxed mother.

When you apply our self-hypnosis childbirth techniques, you will be:

✓ conversant and in good spirits

✓ very relaxed

✓ totally aware

✓ fully in control

✓ deeply trusting of your capable body

Most of us are hypnotized on a daily basis – when we watch a movie, practice yoga, or read a book. Hypnosis is only possible with free will, and the degree to which you relax is always up to you. You will be fully alert while able to tune out the distractions around you.

Our class hypnosis is conducted as a guided meditation. You will relax for up to 20 minutes of each class session as you listen to confidence-building suggestions about yourself and your body’s ability to birth. Hypnosis is very restorative; research shows one hypnosis session is equivalent to 4-5 hours of sleep, even though you are completely aware and in control the entire time. This process allows you to release any fears about childbirth and embrace self-trust, so that your mind and body are prepared to work in harmony for an easy birth.

Even though most of our couples come to class with no prior knowledge of hypnosis, you’ll find that we teach simple, attainable techniques for calming the mind and nervous system during labor.

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