HypnoBirthing Refresher Course

Reconnect and review in our shortest, sweetest class

Next Refresher Class: Saturday, April 1st | 9:45 – 11:15 a.m.

refresher2Whether you completed your HypnoBirthing class months ago, or years ago (on a previous pregnancy), come reconnect and relish in a thorough review of all the HypnoBirthing techniques you’ve learned.

The HypnoBirthing refresher class is for women and couples who have completed the full course and are interested in another opportunity to connect, breathe, and benefit from a nice deep hypnosis session exercise.  

First we begin with a little Q&A, then do a full, detailed practice of all breathing techniques. We wrap up in a state of sheer bliss after enjoying one deep hypnosis exercise from your HypnoBirthing class.  

Birthing Gowns and Peri-Tea Kits are available at all refresher classes.

Fee: $65/couple
(Note: These reduced rates only for those who have already completed the full HypnoBirthing of CT course (The Mongan Method) Fee is otherwise $95/couple. Please also note the refresher class is fully covered by Healthcare/Flexible Spending Accounts.)