Baby Sleep 101: Gentle Strategies for Daytime and Nighttime Sleep

Next class: Sat. March 18, 2017 | 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Fee: $75/parent or $100/couple
Babies welcome.

Join your fellow exhausted!

Certified sleep expert, Dana Parsons, will teach you how to lovingly support your baby into enjoying better-quality and longer-duration sleep.

What’s the ideal time to put your baby to bed at night? How many naps a day should you expect at each stage of infancy? Is your baby getting enough sleep for optimal development? What would help him/her to sleep with fewer interruptions during the night? Dana will cover these topics and so much more.

Join this fun and informative workshop that is going to leave you empowered and ready to lovingly help your baby to enjoy better sleep. You’ll also be prepared for the stages that lie ahead, since a baby’s sleep habits and needs change so much in those first 18 months.

Babies are always welcome.

DanaDana Parsons is a Certified Sleep Consultant who has helped families from coast-to-coast resolve sleep issues such as early morning rising, short napping and night waking.

She understands the importance of customizing proven sleep strategies to a family’s personal belief system so that parents can improve sleep while remaining in line with their parenting values. Her passion is to improve the emotional and physical lives of babies and their parents by showing them how to create healthier sleep routines in the household.

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